Who Is Mary Moloney Lamb To The Slaughter

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In the book “Lamb To The Slaughter” a man named Patrick returns home to his caring and loving wife, Mary Maloney, with some bad news. The readers are not exactly sure of the news but you can infer Patrick is going to leave his pregnant wife. Mary Maloney does not react to the news very well and ends up killing her husband Patrick. She ends up tricking the detectives and not getting caught with the murder of her husband Patrick. The story “Lamb To The Slaughter” starts off with the pregnant wife Mary Maloney anxiously waiting for her husband, Patrick, to get home from work. She has two glasses and some drinks behind her and constantly looks at the clock. Every minute that passes satisfies her. This shows that she is very lonely at home by herself and waits around for him all day. When Patrick gets home from work she quickly jumps up from her sewing and kisses him as he walks through the door. They greet each other as Mary Maloney takes his coat and hangs it up. She gives him his first drink as she pleasantly sits and waits for him to finish. You can tell from the story that she loves his company because she says “...enjoying his company after the long lonely hours alone in the house” (Page 1) Mary Maloney acts as if when he is present everything is complete. She talks about …show more content…

The detectives treat Mary Maloney gentle and caring. You can tell they feel bad for her because it says “They treated her kindly” and it’s not allowed by police rules, but since you’re a friend” (Page 4). Mary Maloney convinced the detectives to eat dinner because she said she was to sad to eat. They felt a little uncomfortable but they agreed to eat. The detectives did not want to eat the lamb but they did it to be nice. Mary Maloney is very clever because she got rid of the evidence by making the detectives eat it. The detectives “It’s probably right under our noses” (Page

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