Who Is Nathan Ybanez´s Life Sentence?

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Life Sentence: Nathan Ybanez On the night of June 5,1996 in Highlands, Colorado, 15-year-old Nathan Ybanez and his friend, Erik Jensen, bludgeoned and strangled 43-year-old Julie Ybanez after being told that he was being shipped off to a Missouri Military school. The next day a police officer found Nathan in a deserted park with his mother’s corpse. Both Ybanez and Jensen were both charged with first degree murder and sentence to life without parole in the year 2000. Currently Nathan is 35 years old, the latest heard of him was in July 2013, he is still in the process of repealing his case, but he continues to voice out his opinion using the outlet known as YouTube. I do not agree with the sentence, I felt it was too harsh for a minor and …show more content…

Moving from one place to another at such a young age is bound to leave some trauma, then I would like to account the abuse that took place in the family, with beatings from a overly strict father, sexual abuse from a mother; someone that is supposed to protect and nurture, then the mental abuse that left young Nathan sad and confused. It was only a matter of time before he snapped and the person he did snap on happen to be the main cause of his problems. I’m not saying what he did was not bad, because it was; I am simply stating that events led up to his mother death, he didn’t just decide to come home and just start …show more content…

Accounting that he was a minor and all the abuse and strict lifestyle to I believe that he was unfairly given the life sentence. Take in the fact that he had tried multiple times to have himself removed from his parent’s care, the judge should have seen that as an indication that something was going on at home. Something serious led Nathan to kill his mom, I mean he had dealt with years of abuse, then suddenly one night he just decides to kill his mother. There has even been a statement by young Ybanez saying that he had to kill his mother, so she wouldn’t hurt him anymore. Then his dad hired a crap lawyer that in no way tried to defend Nathan, even telling the jury that his client had a “hole” in his

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