Who Is The Antagonist In Harrison Bergeron

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Throughout the world and in many stories there are many people, some good and bad, we don’t know who is which. The bad people throughout the world and stories are treated poorly and then are driven by the hatred to get back at the people that mistreated them. The good people on the other hand don’t understand what they're doing is hurting people and they are just trying to make things perfect for everyone. In short stories and in the real life world, you see this happening daily. You see someone that has had enough of someone or something and they take action into their own hands and take care of it. In short stories the protagonist is usually flawed by the changes that have happened to them and they are driven to get revenge. **In the short story, “Harrison Bergeron” we have a dystopian world where everyone and everything is equal. You have people that are forced to put bags over …show more content…

Lizabeth is around lot’s of negativity but she tries to stay as positive as she can. Later on in the story Lizabeth and her group of friends spot a patch of Marigold flowers in the resident Miss Lottie's house. Now this patch of flowers is very important to Miss Lottie because she takes good care of the flowers and they are the only nice thing around her house. Lizabeth then wakes up one night to the sound of her father crying, “what must a man do, tell me that”(147). Lizabeth continues to listen to her parents conversation and starts to get mad. Lizabeth then continues towards Miss Lottie’s house and rips up all her flowers she had been taking great care of. Lizabeth is greatly flawed by hearing her dad sobbing and her parents talking about the struggles they had as a family. Lizabeth then took out her anger on Miss. Lottie’s flowers because they were standing perfectly fine. Lizabeth had woken up to Miss. Lottie at her feet then she realized what she had done was

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