How Does Harrison Bergeron Conflicted With Society

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“Utopian novels, portraying imagined, idealized societies began with more, and out of them grew dystopian novels in which, typically, societies more corrupt, diabolical, and inhummane”(Obler 124). An instance of dystopian fiction would be in Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut in which the society only values equality across the board. In this society, two individuals, Harrison Bergeron–a 14-year-old who rebels against the government, and George Bergeron–the father of Harrison are conflicted with society. Harrison Bergeron conveys the conflict between the values/ideals of society and the realities of Harrison Bergeron and George Bergeron by emphasizing Harrison’s strength and rebelliousness and George’s intelligence and the fact that he …show more content…

Moreover, Harrison was speculated about plotting to overthrow the government and was thrown in jail, however, he “Has escaped from jail”(Vonnegut 137). To enumerate, Harrison is not supposed to be opposed to the government as everyone is supposed to be equal but he continued anyway which shows he is rebellious. Harrison’s rebelliousness conflicts with society since the government does not want him to rebel, instead, to simmer down and be ‘normal’. Additionally, Harrison was legally required to wear a handicap to control his strength to be equal with other individuals but “Harrison tore the straps of his handicap harness like wet tissue paper, tore straps guaranteed to support five thousand pounds”(Vonnegut 138). To elaborate, Harrison was under handicaps to support five thousand pounds but he shredded to handicaps which indicate that he is exceptionally strong. Harrison’s strength conflicts with society because the government does not want Harrison to be a threat in overtaking them and wants him to be identically as strong as anyone else. All and all, Harrison completely contradicts his society by encompassing rebelliousness and strength which does not

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