Similarities Between 1984 And Harrison Bergeron

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A dystopia is an unhappy place that is an illusion of a perfect society where nobody is equal and everyone is oppressed. In the dystopian novel, 1984, the protagonist Winston Smith rebels against the over controlling government that gives the illusion of a "good life" to it's people. The short story "Harrison Bergeron" written by Kurt Vonngeut Jr. tells the tale of the great Harrison Bergeron who escapes jail to free the people of their handicaps and show them the beauty of being different. Lastly the movie Idiocracy, directed by Mike Judge, the protagonist Joe Bower is chosen for a military experiment which goes horribly wrong where the entire word has become incredibly stupid due to the failure of natural selection. All dystopian literature, …show more content…

In 1984 Winston starts out as an everyday citizen, but later throughout the story becomes more and more rebellious towards the corrupt government. Winston probably could have gone his entire life without rebelling towards the government but he met Julia, she was the one to influence Winston and to start a rebellion. But the rebellion never really worked out. Winston was sent to jail and Julia was gone, the rebellion did not end well for them. The case was similar in “Harrison Bergeron”, Harrison escaped jail and immediately went to rebel against the government and its handicaps. Harrison was so strong that he was able to easily shred away the incredible amount of handicaps he was given. He began to rid other people of their handicaps as well to show the beauty of the full potential of the people and their talents, the musicians played beautiful music, Harrison and the ballerina began to dance and began to fly. It was a showcase of complete freedom, however, sadly it came to an end that was all too soon. The Handicapper General came in with a dual barrel shotgun and shot down Harrison and the ballerina in two shots. She then threatened everyone else to put their handicaps back on or they would get the same treatment. Harrison may not have lived long or started a large rebellion, however, the message he did spread was huge. Joe Bower was not much of a rebel. He was put in a society he was not familiar with. Joe had become the smartest person on earth due to American society becoming less intelligent over time. Since the people saw Joe as the “smartest person in the world”, the government brought him on to find a way to fix all of their problems for a full pardon of his “crimes”. Joe fixes the problem of the “dust bowl” by watering the crops with water

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