Who Is The Government In Fahrenheit 451

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Whenever I have a big decision I have to make in my life I always go to my parents for their advice and what they think I should do. I find comfort and a sense of relief in the words of wisdom that they have to give me. The citizens of Fahrenheit 451 have the same feelings as me, comfort. In the book Fahrenheit 451, the government figure plays tricks on the citizen’s minds to get them to do what they want. The leaders of the people brainwash the resident's minds, by burning books, having addicting tv shows, shaming people who have their own ideas, and the element of fire. Although the people are under mind control the citizens find reassurance and happiness in it. The citizens in Fahrenheit 451 find comfort and enjoyment in the powerful people …show more content…

The government has a lot of power because they have made television shows so addictive that the citizens do not care about anything else but TV shows and would do anything that they say. We see the citizens in the book Fahrenheit 451 find reassurance in the feeling of control in many ways. For example, “Police suggest… Everyone in every house in every street opens a front or rear door or looks through the windows…He felt the city rise(132). During this part of the book Guy Montag, the protagonist, is on the run from the police because he has been hiding books and reading them, which is against the law. The citizens are scared and do not know what to do. When the government tells the citizens to do something through the seashells and televisions the residents do it with out even thinking about it. The citizens are not making that hard decision of looking for Guy Montag, the government is making it for them. They do not have the anxiety and stress of that hard decision or any decision in their life. The citizens find a sense of relief and enjoyment in the fact that they do not have to put in the hard work of making a tough …show more content…

Fire a trap in the book and the fireman and citizens are under the mind control of it, but they find comfort and happiness in it. For instance, “What is fire?... Its real beauty is that it destroys responsibility and consequences. A problem gets too burdensome, then into the furnace with it”(109). Montag was caught having books in his house and Beatty was giving him a speech remaining him of all the reasons that Guy was a firefighter in the first place, and how he finds comfort in the fire. This quote shows that the element of fire is not just a source of mind control it is an escape as well. Fire helps the citizens and firemen escape into an alternate reality. The powerful people paint so that fire is the only escape from a world full of war and anienty. Fire is a choice made up by the government but it is supported by the citizens because they think it is their only source of comfort and

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