Who Is Tituba In The Crucible

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In 1953 Arthur Miller wrote the play, The Crucible. Arthur Miller wrote the play to display to the American people the inner workings of politics during the communist hysteria. Similar to U.S. politics, the people of Salem were accused of being witches, just as people were accused of being communists. The hysteria of witchcraft lead to many accusations and the death of 19 innocent people. The accusations made were motivated by personal desires of the accusers. Abigail Williams is the niece to Reverend Parris, and is the backbone of the witch trials. Abigail sparked the trials by falsely stating that Tituba made Abigail and her friend Betty drink chicken blood. She lies so that she will not face the consequences of her actions. Although avoided the consequences was important fro Abigail, she possessed a greater goal. “John I am waiting for you every night,” …show more content…

Tituba is Reverend Parris’s slave from Barbados. Abigail accuses her in order to avoid her punishment; Tituba becomes the scapegoat. This is due to Tituba being different from everyone else. Abigail understands that Tituba is an easy target and takes advantage of the racism in the town; the town’s people will believe Abigail over Tituba solely based on the color of her skin. “You will confess yourself or I will take you out and whip you to death, Tituba,’ stated by Parris. ‘This woman must be hanged! She must be taken and hanged!’ stated by Putnam,” (Miller, 44). This displays the violent nature that has taken over Salem due to the hysteria of witches. “No, no, don’t hang Tituba!” (Miller, 44). Tituba is now terrified and desperate to save her life. In return she confesses to witchcraft and falsely accuses two other women, Sarah Good and of working with the devil. Tituba understood that she would not be able to survive in a white man’s court if she was honest. Although Tituba knew there is no Witchcraft, she accuses others in order to save her

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