Who Was Responsible For The Monster In Frankenstein

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From the evidence presented, the verdict is that Frankenstein is responsible for the creation of the Monster and the crimes that took place. The Monster should be forgiven and given a lighter sentence as Frankenstein was the person responsible for all the consequences.

First, Frankenstein was irresponsible of his actions. Although he had good intentions, he should have used more controlled and organized procedures. As Frankenstein stated early in the play, “I thought I was making an angel! D’you know that? I thought I was making something better than human! Something so precious and beautiful that everyone would love it.” This shows that Frankenstein had good intentions when making the Monster but did not conduct his experiment properly and should be responsible for his experiments which caused the Monster to be isolated and become evil.

Second, Frankenstein had not nurtured his creation. If he nurtured his creation instead of rejecting and abandoning it, it might not have turned evil. The Monster stated, “I …show more content…

During act two, it helped Agathe collect firewood and tried to be nice to them but Felix shot the Monster in the arm. It said, “Oh, I would have been their slave, I would have helped them and worked for them, I would have done anything if they’d only accepted me.”This shows it was warm hearted and kind; however society decided to judge a book by its cover and not accept the Monster. If Frankenstein made it look better or sewn it together less ruggedly, there might not have been such dire consequences. Or even better yet, Frankenstein should not have made it. During act 3 the Monster wanted to be with someone innocent like William Frankenstein, but even he rejected it, thus making it angry and want revenge. This also proves that the Monster was originally kind hearted, its evilness was caused by his environment and

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