Why Chesapeake Bay Can Be Considered A Diminishing Common

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A Chesapeake Homecoming
Read the article or watch the movie below and answer the related questions.

Briefly explain why the Chesapeake Bay can be considered a diminishing common? Chesapeake Bay can be considered a diminishing common because of the dirty, polluted waters and the disappearing marine life in the Bay. The marine life that was once present in the Bay a few decades ago have now decreased tremendously in size because of overfishing and polluted waters. The water of the Bay area now has gathered large amounts of pollution, debris, disease, and overfishing, which threatened the marine life. Chesapeake Bay is slowly decreasing in cleanliness and ocean life, which are essential to the Bay.

What is this family doing to prevent the …show more content…

The Croxtons are harvesting more oysters, which help cleanse the water in Chesapeake Bay. The oysters rid the water of algae that harms other species in the Bay waters.

How is this case study of an environmental common (tragedy of commons) different from most? Why is harvesting more oysters better than less?

This particular case study of the environmental common in Chesapeake Bay is different because the oysters actually thrive in the algae that cause problems for the rest of the river. That means the more oysters that are put in the Bay, the cleaner the water gets. Instead of regulating the common, in this case study the more oysters that passed through the Bay waters and consumed, the more the environment benefits.

What 2 themes of geography do you see the family using to help them with their oyster business?

One theme of geography that the family uses is place. The location of where the oysters are grown and the conditions of that environment are extremely important to the oyster industry. The Croxtons explained that the oysters are put in cages that are elevated above the muddy sea floor so they can eat better food and have a better lifestyle. Another theme of geography that is used is human-environment impact. The Croxtons are impacting the environment and ecosystem of Chesapeake Bay in a beneficial way by harvesting oysters. The oysters help filter the water in the

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