Why Did Christopher Columbus Wrong

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During the time period of which Columbus first set foot on the new world, peoples views on slavery were much different than ours today. They made exceptions to it as everyone owned slaves back them (Document 2). However, physical abuse and torture are no exception. Columbus has been exposed for his torture on the Taino tribe. Every three months Columbus demanded a hawk's bell of gold or 25 pounds of spun cotton from everyone over the age of fourteen. Those who could not come up with the sum would be “punished”. By “punishment” he means having their hands chopped off and being left to bleed (Document 3). Every sane person, even in that time period would know that amputating a person's hands is an inhumane punishment. Instead of making peace with the natives of the new world Combus thought differently. “With 50 men we could subject them all and make them do whatever we want…” - Columbus (Document 4). Columbus obviously knew what he was doing was wrong because he states his intentions to make them slaves. Instead of creating a peaceful society with them he created a lifetime of torture for the Taino people. The fact that he jumped straight into slavery, shows that he didn't care for others well being. He could have easily made a friendly society with the tribe. Heros do the right thing and from this information, it clearly …show more content…

However, it still happened and destroyed a whole population. The Columbian Exchange shows the arrival diseases like whooping cough and many others to the new world ( Document 6). As said, a mass extinction happened. We still should not praise Columbus as a hero because just one thing he did to the natives was “unintentional”. That one “unintentional” thing still doesn't make up for the numerous other accounts of crimes, torture and slavery on the

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