Why Did Frederick Douglass Become An American Abolitionist

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Fredrick Douglass was an American abolitionist who proved to be an inspirational person by overcoming the obstacles he faced and obtaining an education and eventually his freedom. He showed that through his persistence that you can achieve your goals. Douglass was able to become an inspiration to many of his fellow slaves as well as future generations who read his work. Douglas became an inspiration though pursuing an education although only learning the basics, finding ways to learn from other and ultimately teaching himself. He was a firm believer in the equality of all people whether it would be race or gender. He thought that people should treat one another as human being ought to treat each other. He learned this at an early age when he would interact with the mistress of the house. While she did not show equality later in her life her once kinder spirt prove to be a crucial part in helping Douglass obtain an education. While she had only taught him the basic such as the alphabet it was the step he needed to push him toward his future. I believe many people can share an experience such as this. It was only because of my interest in the inner workings of a business that I was able to pick a major in business that I would love to do every day. While …show more content…

He was able to teach himself through his work in the shipping yard. He was also able to practice writing through copying words from the Webster’s Spelling Book. Through his determination, he could match other people in writing and reading. This showed that you can teach yourself no matter the circumstances even when you have no help from other people. Douglas proves to be an inspiration to people by showing us that we do not have to rely on others to learn something new. In today’s society it has become easier than ever to learn something new thanks to the

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