Why Did Ralph Survive In Lord Of The Flies

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Imagine being stuck on an island with nothing but the clothes and flesh of the body. The Lord of the Flies is a book about a group of boys who crashed landed on an unknown island with no other adults. The boys on the island were the age of around 13 and under. They came to the island with nothing but the clothes on their bodies. The boys in the beginning all had survival on their minds, but as the book progressed, they steadily became something completely different and not themselves. According to the book, Lord of the Flies, William Golding wants to inform the readers that in a life or death situation, people would do anything to survive.
The boys on the island noticed the situation they were in, so they need the fundamentals in order to survive, …show more content…

Ralph, Piggy and Samneric were sleeping peacefully when suddenly, they were raided by an unknown group. They realized they have taken something, and Ralph noticed, “‘They didn’t take the conch.’ ‘I know. They didn’t come for the conch. They came for something else. Ralph- what am I going to do?’ … The chief led them, trotting steadily, exulting in his achievement. He was a chief now in truth; and he made stabbing motions with his spear. From his left hand dangled Piggy’s broken glasses”(Golding 168). Jack’s tribe was separated from Ralph’s group. Jack was in desperate need for the one thing to cook the pig meat, fire(Piggy’s glasses). Jack and a couple of his “friends” raided the shelter Ralph and his friends were in. In the end, they took Piggy’s glasses. This relates to the theme because Jack could have just asked the civilized group for Piggy’s glasses, but he did not. He believed that it would be quicker to just take it and have the power of fire for himself. He destroyed the civilized group’s shelter just to get the main source of fire. Towards the end of the book, Ralph and Samneric were the only ones who are civilized, while the other kids have become savages. Jack believed that Ralph is a major threat and should be taken out. Ralph was running frantically and hid in a bush. When he thought he was safe, he suddenly …show more content…

He made this point clear in four parts of the book. In the beginning, the boys wanted to get rescued, so they built a fire. The boys also wanted the group to feel safe and protected from rain, thunder and many other disasters that can happen on the island. They accomplished the task by building shelters. Later on in the book, it gets more serious when the group became divided between the civilized and the savages. The savages wanted the power of fire for themselves so they raided the civilized group with a goal of taking Piggy’s glasses. Another time was in the end when Ralph wanted to stay alive from the pack of savages. He avoided many chances of getting killed, going into bushes, hiding from dangerous smoke, and even defending himself from the attacks of spears. In the end, the boys were all saved by a naval officer, but what would happen if the naval officer have never showed

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