Why Did The South Led To The Civil War

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It was just before the Civil War when everything seemed to be falling apart in the young country. The North is against slavery which led to the Missouri Compromise. The North was also industry based and relied on manufactured goods. Since the North was more cultured they had artists, merchants and manufacturers. The South was pro slavery because they were agriculturally based and needed someone to work the fields. The South didn’t have as much culture as the North, and there was less room for improvement. The South sold natural goods to the North and the North made 10 times as much as they paid. There are many reasons that led to the Civil War a few would be difference in education, economies, slavery and tariffs. The first cause of the Civil …show more content…

Due to different views on the topic of slavery, the two sides of the United States had very different economies. The North was using more industrialized products and factories were very common up in the North. In the South, however, they used more plantations and less factories. The South’s economy was very agricultural while the North’s economy was very factory oriented. It demonstrated differences in a very obvious way. It demonstrated differences by showing how the two sides supported their own separate economies. The North used factories mainly and the South mainly used plantations and farms to support their economy. This helped lead to the war because it set up yet another separation between the two sides. The fact that the North was industrialized, made them feel superior and the South believed that they were superior to the North. Since they both felt this, it was one of the causes of the war. Differing economies was one of the major causes of the war, if their economies hadn’t differed, the outcome might not have been the …show more content…

During the time of the Civil War, the North was beginning to believe that slavery was not necessary and it was unjust. However, the South was holding strong to their roots, and supporting slavery to the fullest. It demonstrated differences by showing the growing rift between the two sides on the problem of slavery. The North believed in getting rid of slavery while the South supported it. It also caused problems between the two sides because they disagreed with each other. It led to the war because the North wanted to get rid of slavery, while the South wanted to keep it. Since the North wanted to get rid of them, and pushed this upon the South, it angered the people in the South. The Southerners then fought for what they believed in and this was one of the main fighting points of the war. Slavery was an even bigger cause of the war than industry, because slavery was the South’s main form of economy and

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