Differences Between The South And The North After The Civil War

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In the past United States, the South and the North are different from each other. The South was mainly based on agriculture, while the North is more industrialized after the Industrial Revolution. The South was keeping the old thoughts and old ways. A country would not be peaceful if there were two or more separated groups, for example, the United States before Civil War. The South is agricultural, the South wants to keep slavery because the masters were relied on the slaves to work for them. On the other hand, the North became industrialized because of the Industrial Revolution, and the Northerners thought that the slavery would impede the growth of capitalism and the unification of the whole country. The South wanted to keep slavery, while the North wanted to abolish slavery. Slavery became the main reason for the war between the South and the North, which it was the Civil War. …show more content…

Slavery helped the masters save money on labors. All the generations were belongs to the masters, and they had the rights to sell the slaves to earn money. The South also wanted to spread the slavery to the West. The North needed cheap labors to help industrialize the North, but they would not like to have slaves to help them. Slavery could help improve the productivity of the plantations, most likely a master had many slaves, and the masters did not need to pay the salves to work for them. When there were more people to work in the same place, the productivity would increase. On the other hand, the North’s economy grew fast after the Industrial Revolution, therefore, it wanted the other parts of the United States to be industrialized in order to improve the economy of the country and the growth of capitalism. The North thought that slavery would block the way of industrialization and the growth of the

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