Why Did World War 1 Occur Essay

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Marching towards war. Why did World War I occur? The First World War (28 July 1914 - 11 November 1918) - one of the most large-scale armed conflict in the history of mankind.
In the early morning July 28, 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war with Serbia. Since that The First World War started and destroyed four great empires of the Old World. The first months of the conflict shown that there won’t be quickly victory, the level of violence was striking.
A hundred years ago the leading states of Europe were grouped into two coalitions. Military-political alliance of Great Britain, France and Russia - Triple Entente, was finally formed in 1907. He became a counterweight to the Triple Alliance, military bloc of Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary, was issued in 1882.
Over the years, these countries were preparing for war for supremacy in Europe.

Countries before the First World War
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France was the only country with a democratic form of government among the strongest powers of Europe. After the war of 1870-71, which ended in defeat by Prussia, relations with Germany became a major issue of French foreign policy. France was forced to give Germany Alsace and Lorraine.

The Russian Empire, the largest country on the continent, is experiencing an economic upturn. Industry has been growing rapidly, but the agrarian question has not yet been resolved. The country has maintained social tensions. Russian-Japanese war exacerbated many problems of Russian society.

As a result of the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman authorities, which began in 1804, formed the Serbian principality. Serbs demanded a united national state, including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro. Such requirements would inevitably lead to a conflict with Austria-Hungary.
However, after the Congress of Berlin and the occupation of Austria-Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia itself was surrounded by his subjects and allies of the

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