Why Do People Kill Jews In The Holocaust

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In 1945 jews and many others types of people were taken from their homes, apartments, and other places and were taken to concentration camps. concentration camps where they kept them to kill, torture, and just to make them feel horrible and even worse. Auschwitz was one of the most well known camp it was more of a death camp in was first opened in April of 1940. It was more that 3.5 miles long so it was pretty big.
Did you know that more than 6 million jews were killed in the holocaust yes I am amazed as well by that. 1 of 6 people that were killed in the holocaust were jewish. There were more than 7.2 million people killed in the holocaust. Some people didn 't even make it to Auschwitz they died on the train or in the trucks they were brought …show more content…

It was more of a death camp. If you were sick, or injured you were killed. It was also there for torture it was a really a bad place. Some people say that when you go to visit they still have a gas chamber that you can go in they say that you can feel the gases.
Auschwitz was a pretty big concentration camp it was bigger than 2.5 miles. It held 8 gas chambers. 46 ovens for burning 4,400 corpses per day. it was able to hold 3 million jews. It was 835 square feet big. Auschwitz was the biggest concentration camp that was built.
At Auschwitz they would get to eat would be a watery soup at lunch if they were lucky they would find a piece of turnip or a potato peel. Then in the evening they would get a piece of black bread weighing at 300 grams. Food also was in small amounts so they really get as much food then they were supposed to. Also they get as many calories as they were to get for their daily amount. So when they would eat they wouldn 't get the would still be hungry.
So that is my essay about auschwitz concentration camp. So that 's what i know about auschwitz. It was awful, bad, terrible place definitely not a place for kids. I would like to visit someday though. I heard they turned it into a museum and its pretty good one

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