Why Does Atticus Show Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Throughout the story almost every important character has shown courage. Each character showed it in some different and similar ways. These actions are sometimes led to important events without telling you directly. The characters showed courage in a major threat to tell the truth. Without this the story would have fell into a much different path. The main characters that showed courage were Atticus and his family. Atticus showed a lot of courage by taking the case and defending Tom Robinson. This act showed courage since defending him would mean staring racism and hate in the face. Scout showed a lot of courage throughout the story in many ways. One major way being facing the lynch mob and humanizing them to save her father. Jem helps guide Dill and Scout through the hate and difficulties that they face with the trial. Dill faces the fact that his parents don’t care about him and that he won’t have a blood family but a true one with Atticus and his kids. …show more content…

Boo Radley showed a good amount of courage by saving Atticus and his family by stabbing Bob Ewell. He knew the possible consequences and he proceeded to kill him anyway to save his new friends. Tom Robinson was courageous by trying to help prove not only his innocence but to expose Bob Ewell for what he really is. Tom knew he would face a lot of hate and prejudice for going against what a white man says but to also show that the white man and not the black man was the rapist. Calpurnia was a huge example throughout the story of courage by guiding and helping face the racism and hate going at the

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