Why Is Eli Whitney Important To The Industrial Revolution

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Eli Whitney was born in Westborough, Massachusetts on December 8,1765. Eli had one sister and two brothers. He had trouble learning to read. He was good at math and science. He also liked fixing things and He was interested in many things. When he was eight he took his father’s watch apart to see how it worked. Then he put the watch back together as good as new. He wanted to earn money for his family so he made nails, hatpins and walking pins. When he was 19 he wanted to go to Yale. So he earned money for Yale. When he was 23 he got interviewed and he got into Yale. Eli graduated fall of 1792. He finished college when he was 27. He could not afford to go to school any longer but he wanted to become a lawyer. Eli got a job as a tutor in Savannah, …show more content…

For instance he invented the cotton gin in 1793. He went to plantation owners named Catherine Green and Phineas Miller. Catherine said it was very hard to take out the seeds from cotton balls. So they asked him to make the cotton gin for the south. Phineas Miller said he will pay all cotton gin expenses. it took Eli a few months to make the cotton gin for the south. Eli made a shop with Phineas Miller in connecticut he sold cotton gins. Eli sold cotton gins in North Carolina. He got a patent so nobody else could steal his idea. Because of the cotton gin for the south. Cotton was the most important crop in south. The cotton gin is important to the south because it saved a lot of time. Furthermore, He Invented interchangeable parts and the concept of mass production in 1798. Eli signed a contract to the Government to make 10,000 guns in two years. Previously guns took a long time to make. First he gave his workers who are not gunsmiths tools and patterns to make the musket locks. They made a bunch of parts that were identical. The parts were made in large quantities so it would save time and it would be cheap and they’re replaceable. Now The government could make guns quicker, cheaper and

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