Why Is Gallipoli Important To Australia

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The start of the 20th century Australian history, was marked with blood, sweat and tears as the First World War raged forth. Yet, today the battles on the Western Front are remembered as an ‘ineffectual sideshow’ to those at Gallipoli which evoked devastation and captivated the Australian public. As stated by war correspondent, Charles Bean in 1919, “ANZAC achievements were never recognised by the Australians back at home, even though they were greatly appreciated by those closer to the war – the British, French and even the Germans.”(ii) However, the distorted image portrayed to the public of the Western Front contributed to the loss of recognition the battles have received today. Whilst the battles fought by the ANZAC troops at Gallipoli should be remembered, the great battles on the Western Front such as Fromelles and Pozieres should be …show more content…

Here, the Australian forces experienced a great victory at a heavy cost. The Australian troops managed to take the town early on in the attack, however the Germans held on to their position at Pozieres Ridge until the 4th August 1916. As shown by two pictures, ferocious German artillery bombardments and counterattacks on Pozieres, eventually erased the village from the site; the only clue that there was a village, was a notice board which was marked with the word ‘Pozieres’.(viii) No words could describe the devastating image of the battlefield left behind from the attack, because it was kneaded and mutilated so much that ‘it resembled a choppy sea [with] men, weapons, equipment and defence positions…buried [in it].’(ix) Although the attack was successful, the fighting was bloody and vehement with approximately 23,000 casualties.(x) According to Sergeant E.J, the surviving soldiers emerged from the site ‘walking in a dream…[with a] glassy [stare]…[looking] drawn…haggard…[and]

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