Why Is Japanese Unjustified

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In the depth of World War II America was now in war with Japan, Germany, Italy, and all allies of theirs. Whilst these battles took place throughout Europe, Japan suddenly bombed the U.S.’s current territory of Hawaii thus forcing America into the war. With deaths flooding through other countries America felt that at this time it seemed reasonable to place all Japanese and of Japanese descent people in confinement camps.The confinement of the Japanese was unjustified because it was entirely based on racism, for the fact that the Japanese weren’t at all dangerous, they didn't feel need to do this to German and Italian descent, and after all that it wasn't military justified as claimed and defended. Despite what was said the Japanese weren't …show more content…

If America was trufully afraid of their information being exposed from un-loyal citizens then why only do this to Japanese when the Germans and Italians could be leaking information just as easily. As said in The Crisis “[Along the East Coast]Where the numbers of Americans of Japanese ancestry is comparatively small, no concentration camps have been established. From a military point of view, the only danger on this coast is from Germany and Italy.”(Howard 3). Not to throw Germany under the us for starting the war. But anyway the quote is stating that while on the East Coast where Germany and Italy were just as an apparent danger as the Japanese at the West Coast there was still no camps set up for the Germans and Italians. America being truly fearful is a lie. If safety was their priority then they would’ve actually done to stay safe and logically put germans and Italians in camps but they didn’t. All because their appearance again stated in the crisis “Color seems to be the only possible reason why thousands of american citizens of Japanese ancestry are in concentration camps.”(Howard 3). Fear of safety is nothing but a lie. They could get safety but denied themselves it because that wasn’t what they wanted at all. It was all just scheme to excuse horrid behavior to put people …show more content…

A large defensive justification as to reasons for the camps was that it was a military necessity. However it is quoted “Executive Order 9066 was not justified by military necessity,” (“Personal Justice Denied” 5). This statement is from an organization hired by congress to investigate the detention program and the constitutionality of Executive Order 9066 cited from their final on so. Which did not seem to quite go as Congress hoped. The report even goes on to say to what the actual believed cause was after much research. “The Broad historical causes which shaped these decisions were race prejudice, war hysteria and failure of political leadership.”(“Personal Justice Denied” 5). None of what happened was “driven by analysis of military conditions” (“Personal Justice Denied”

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