Why Is The Battle Of Hamel Described As The Turning Point Of Ww1

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he Battle of Hamel was an exceedingly prosperous assault on the Western Front fought by the Allies, on the 4th of July 1918. The purpose of the Battle of Hamel was to attack and capture the high ground of the village of Le Hamel in France (shown in the source E), under the command of Lieutenant General John Monash. The meticulous plan conveyed by General John Monash made this battle an intensely effective advance. The Battle of Hamel is documented to have persisted for only 93 minutes and is deliberated as the turning point for Allied triumph in World War 1. It is imperative to incorporate the views and perspectives of the offensive, it is said that before the Battle of Hamel the German offensive formed a prominence in the British line that …show more content…

The Battle of Hamel was the first chance in many months the Allied forces were able to attack offensively through the help of Australian commander General Sir John Monash. Many sources consider the Battle of Hamel as the start of the end of World War 1, as both Le Hamel and its woods were obtained in two hours which removed the German salient. CONTRIBUTION TO NATION The Battle was the first battle fought by Australians under the command of an Australian General, Sir John Monash. It was said by many that the Australians had drastically improved their war quality between 1917 and 1918 this clearly show how much the leadership effected the soldiers. The Battle of Hamel had a huge positive impact on the young nation as Australian was renowned for its leadership and the war tactics. Source D (page 2) is a quote from the French President Georges Clemenceau. This is a very important source as it is a quote from a president of an entire nation acknowledging Australian men. Historical quotes like this would have really encouraged the Australian troops and the strong sense of a great

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