Why Is The Death Penalty Important In Frankenstein Persuasive Essay

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Capital Punishment Although, many may like to think otherwise, the line between good and evil is one that is incalculably thin, and one which is walked on every day. Thus, it is very simple for someone once deemed as a “good” person, to become evil. The worst part–often people are unaware that they have even crossed that line. If you are someone who believes and has voted for the death penalty, you no longer tread through the thin line, but rather stand bold faced in the side of evil. The death penalty is man’s way of playing God, statistically helps no one, and dehumanizes man. For countless years, authors have been writing of the dangers of “playing god,” take the well-known novel, Frankenstein for example. In this novel, a scientist creates ‘the Adam of his labors’ and ultimately goes mad, because he cannot control what he has done. Likewise, if man continues to play the role of God in deciding who lives and dies, the cost will become so vast we will no longer have control of the world in which we’ve created where sentencing people to their deaths is acceptable. Above all, God himself says “thou shall not kill,” thus, if one is to play the role of God, should …show more content…

It is not hard to believe that when posed the question: have you ever taken away an innocent life? One would like to answer with a negative response, however, statistics show that at least 4 percent of all people who have received the death penalty are innocent. Therefore, if you are in support of the death penalty, and feel that you are doing what is for the better good of society, it is imperative to make note: that though the justice system is good, it is not perfect, and often make mistakes. However, those mistakes should not cause a heart to stop beating, a child to no longer see their parent, or an innocent man to be put to death for something someone else has

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