Wiccan Club Case Study Essay

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Jayhawkville Central HIgh School has several student clubs and organizations. The opportunity for a student or students wanting to start another club is always present. In this case, three students approached Principal Moore and shared their interests to start a new club, the Wiccan club. The students want to name it “Pagans United.” Although, Jayhawkville Central High numerous clubs and organizations, starting a Wiccan club greatly concerns Principal Moore. Jayhawkville Central is the oldest high school in the Jayhawkville Unified School District, and is located in the center of the city. The student population, just as its community, is very diverse. Seventy-one percent of the student body is either of Catholic or Protestant faith. JCHS’s Bible Study Club has flourished for ten years. Now, Principal Moore must step up and acknowledge the request for a Wiccan club. Principal Moore admits she does not know much about Wiccans or Pagans, other than what …show more content…

Imber stated, “The Establishment Clause does not require schools to avoid teaching about or even taking a position on issues about which some religion may have taken a stand. It only requires that schools remain separate and neutral relative to religion” (Imber et al p50). Principal Moore also met with Mrs. Grant who sponsors the Bible Study Club. Mrs. Grant was honest enough to inform Principal Moore that there would be some opposition from the community and perhaps members of the student body, but in all fairness, all children must be treated equally. Mrs. Grant offered to co-sponsor the Wiccan club so she can assist Principal Moore in reassuring everyone that this club is on the up and up, will adhere to guidelines and school expectations just as all other clubs within the JCHS

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