Widow As Subaltern Case Study

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“Funeral Rites”: A Study of Widow as Subaltern Preeti Sharma Dept. of English, University of Jammu preetisharmaju@gmail.com Abstract:Widows are more than victims and have pronoun problems. Widows are among the poorest and the most vulnerable segment of the society as their status in the society, family and community at large is that of destitution, marginalisation and oppression. The term ‘subaltern’ means someone who is low in rank in a social, political or other hierarchy. The term is associated with the ostracised section of the society particularly used for the weaker section of the society i.e. women. The position of female as subaltern is miserable. Patriarchy is the prime obstacle to women’s advancement and development. Among women, widows are the doubly oppressed as they become the prey of patriarchy as well as of religion. Widows are forced to live in a socially ostracized, economically dependent life. The paper attempts to discuss the position of widows as subaltern in the society. Key Words:women, widow, subaltern, patriarchy, economic crisis. A widow is taunted as ‘man-eater’ or ‘husband-eater’ and it is really very difficult for her to survive in a patriarchal society. The society set as a patriarchal institution which condemns widows to live a life of isolation and…show more content…
After the death of her husband her life becomes tough. She is a poor girl and for performing the funeral rites of her husband she has to take loan and that loan ruins her life. Her desperate and pathetic condition is very clearly shown in the story. Bhaagan has taken loan from Bajia, who is a corrupt man and always put heavy taxes on her loan. Bhaagan is a poor lady and never manage to pay the loan back as she is always paying the tax of her loan as well as the loan of her husband which she has taken from Bajia to perform the funeral rites of his
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