Wild Cat Falling By Mudrooroo: Character Analysis

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An individual’s sense of belonging is closely associated to their feelings of security and insecurity in all aspects of life. In the novel Wild Cat Falling, by Mudrooroo, the protagonist has little security due to his race, and so refuses to belong, knowing he wouldn’t fit in anyway. This is also evident in a subtler way in Lauren Weisberger’s novel of the same name The Devil Wears Prada, in Andy’s job security. As she gets more confident in her job, she finds a stronger sense of security and subsequently belonging and acceptance. In the novel Wild Cat Falling, the protagonist remains unnamed, showing his lacking of identity, which heavily contributes to his sense of security. He feels disconnected from those around him, particularly in the aspect of race. He is aboriginal, and in the time when the novel was set, their race was heavily discriminated against. The protagonist feels no real connection to anywhere outside of prison, and this is the reason that he welcomed the feeling prison gave him. His sense of security within the prison walls played a large role in…show more content…
After taking the job, she is constantly under scrutiny from Miranda and Emily, and her insecurity at work grows until she decides to do something about her appearance. She knows that at any time Miranda may fire her and her job security isn’t fantastic. After her transformation, she fits in more and her insecure feelings get smaller and smaller, especially when Miranda and Emily acknowledge her and ask her to do specific tasks. Andy now feels more secure in her job, and has realised how many doors this could open for her. She makes an effort to fit in purely because of the insecurity she was feeling when she started, and how much of outsider she felt and looked. Her complete personality change also brings about a new feeling of job security and security in herself as a person, knowing that she now was one of
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