Love In The Story Of Rilke's The Prodigal Son

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We are unable to accomplish this quest. We try to postpone everything. The animals and flowers accomplish it, they become. They are able to endure the change. Either we do not try or we do not want to wait. We have no patience. What is needed is patience, to first learn to wait. Malte believes that greatness only comes when we suffer, endure, and wait. We have to accomplish everything else before we reach Him. It is only Him who practices restraint in order to let us grow, and understand, and become capable of love. Nobody understood Sappho in her time but she did not get distracted. She knew what she wanted to do. She did not stir from her path. She longed until the longing became the quest. It was perhaps not the man she loved but the one who might have been equal to her love that she…show more content…
It gives another dimension to the text. Rilke has rewritten the story, in a different way. It does not present the son as the one who is wasted away but as the one who is overpowered by the love of his family. In relation to his family, he becomes the beloved who is unable to cope with the love that is being showered upon him. He feels suffocated by their love. It is because of this that he leaves the house. As all the others who are loved, he is not able to endure it. To love is to be free but to be loved is to be limited. The love of his family limits him. He does not understand why he feels so. However, when he goes out in the world, he starts to understand what love is. He comes to know why he feels suffocated. It is because he is not the lover but the beloved who is being loved. The power is in the hands of the one who loves, and not in the hands of the one who is being loved. The lover does not need the beloved to love. However, the one who is being loved feels overpowered. The prodigal son starts to understand this. He starts to discover himself, he starts to

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