William Golding Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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The untouched, pure island was corrupted by man when the boys came, and this made it the young boys leave their marks, thus killing its beauty. In other words, since the boys came the island’s perfectness was left in utter chaos because of their actions. For example in the article “Game Metaphor” in Golding 's Lord of the Flies, it states that “ The boys in Lord of the Flies consider most events as games... whereas in reality these are all key elements in the disintegration of the island.” This proves that the boys going hunting or even leaving the fire unattended, means the destruction of the island. In addition on page 201 in Lord of the Flies, it says “A flame, seemingly detached, swung like an acrobat and licked up the palm heads on the platform. The sky was black.” This further proves that the boys destroyed the beauty of the island. A crucial key to Golding’s view is that the…show more content…
For example the boy who dies in the fire was not recognized until later. “That lil’un that had a mark on his face --where is he-- now? I tell you I don’t see him”. This confirms the thought that the boys didn’t notice the young boy’s death until after because of their changing views on being on the island. Another example is Simon’s death, and his death was also looked over. In addition the article Golding’s Lord of the Flies state that“ his death, a communal execution, so echoes the crucifixion that the correspondence seems complete.” This justifies that Simon dies for a cause that wasn’t understood, and this example can be found in a very commonly used book, the Bible. In the Bible it explains how Jesus died for a cause not understood by many, so this is like how Simon held the key to knowing the beast was inside them, he died for it too. Overall the island changed the boys to feeling no remorse for their acquaintances because of the
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