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In this presentation, I will not be talking about the basic Shakespeare facts like family, marriage, childhood etc. But more about his authorship and his way to success
William Shakespeare was a poet, playwright and an actor and is considered the greatest writer in the English language. He has a total of 38 plays and 154 sonnets including collaborations. (Know some collaborations).
We do not know exactly when Shakespeare began his writing career but records show that many of his plays were in the theatre by 1592. (Examples). After 1594, only the lord chamberlain’s men acted his plays, which was an acting company Shakespeare wrote for most of his career and partly owned himself. After queen Elisabeth died, they changed their name to the king’s men. (Why). The king’s men was probably the most popular acting group in England at the time. In 1599, a group of the partners built their own theatre, which they named the globe. By 1598, Shakespeare was a hit; he started to appear often on the FrontPage of newspapers, and was now a successful and wealthy playwright. He most often played royal parts or older men e.g. the ghost in hamlet (king of Denmark) and old Adam in as u like it. (Who?) …show more content…

(Litt om de kjente stykkene)
His authorship is collected into two time period, where each time period has works from different genres. The first period consisted of works from 1590s, his first plays, and these would most often be events from history with a slight twist. Like henry the forth and henry the fifth. He also wrote some comedies: “As you like it”, “Much ado about nothing”. All of these plays were in the theatres by the

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