Willy Loman Betrayal

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With multiple stories ranging from mental abuse, physical abuse, betrayal and disloyalty, they all seem to overcome adversity one way or another. Whether they left their current situation, they just stayed and took the abuse, or they passed away. Day in and day out we see these types of things going on. Are we the type of people to help? Or are we the type of people that just sit there and let it happen. If we see it we should help, never know what could happen if nobody helps. “The Cask of Amontillado" we saw betrayal when Fortunato got killed by Montressor, when Montressor lead him down to the catacombs so he could kill him for betraying their friendship. With Montressor not telling us why or how Fortunato betrayed and hurt him. As a reader …show more content…

To Willy the “American Dream” is not hard work, dedication and innovation its being successful and well liked. If Willy wasn’t successful there was no going out and changing the way he approached things, its success or fail for him. Willy wants the success the easy way, where he doesn’t do anything he doesn’t try hard to dedicate himself to get better, he wants it handed to him. Willy’s sons Happy and Biff don’t have the same drive to be a salesman like Willy does. That’s one reason Willy’s life starts to go in a spiral, his sons do not want anything to do with being a salesman. The other reason as we all know is Willy not being a successful salesman. With all that and Willy having an affair behind his wife Linda’s back and her questioning him about it a lot it just takes a toll on him and he finally breaks down. Instead of Willy going out to try and seek help he seeks the worse possibility in a stressed and unhappy person’s life, suicide. Willy committing suicide he believes it was the best decision at the time, and his life insurance policy he left for his family he believes it will be a way out with the affair he had, and Linda would forgive …show more content…

Her condition in the world now is more than likely post-partum stress disorder or even anxiety. With her thinking it would be better for her if she had “less opposition and more society and stimulus”. She often expresses her urge to spend time with other people, but her husband is shooting down any and every opinion she has. At a certain point in the story her husband makes her believe he’s the doctor and that she should trust him. As she says, “he does not believe I am sick” and he tells her “no one but myself can help me out of it, that I must use my will and self-control and not let any silly fancies run away with me.” As we know he does love his wife and care for her he is ultimately making her condition worse. As she is getting treatment her husband isolates her in the mansion and keeps her from seeing her family. Even though she wants to see her family, her husband doesn’t think it’s the best thing for her. As a lot of us would like to see our family when we are not feeling well, I believe her husband should let her see the family. All in all, it might help her fell a little better and they might know what to do or might give her something to help with her

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