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In The Deaths of a Salesman, Willy Loman is a salesmen who is trying to achieve the American Dream just like everyone else in the world. In his head, he believes to be this well liked and huge successful salesmen. In reality he is more of a self-conscious man who tries to live his fantasy he has in his head while being deceitful to not only himself but his own family as well. Throughout the play Death of a Salesman, Willy has several slogans that he attempts to live his life by. One of the main slogans we hear Willy say repeatedly throughout the play is that he is “The New England man” or that he is “Vital in New England”. Willy often uses this slogan to illustrate himself to his wife Linda and to convince her that he is the big successful salesman he acts to be. …show more content…

While it is hard for Willy to be well liked there is one person throughout the entire play that he can count on and that would be Charley. Charley is Bernard’s father, but also someone who Willy can depend upon when needed. Charley has given Willy money numerous time, so that he can save him from the mortification of not being able to provide for his family. Charley also happens to be the only one who attends and pays his respects at Willy’s funeral. Having nobody there is a perfect example that Willy is not well liked and that he cannot live by the slogans he said all along. In conclusion, all of Willy’s slogans throughout the play Death of a Salesman are merely created out of the hopes of achieving the American Dream. As the readers of the play we are well aware that these slogans are simply just part of his fancy. These are the things that keep Willy going in life until the day he commits

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