Willy The Kid: The Pollution Fighter Analysis

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Willy The Kid, The Pollution Fighter By Libby Stein COPYRIGHT @ 2015 Acknowledgments With Love and Adornment for My Mother Irene and My Father Albert. With Love to My Sister Lisa, and My Nephew Brent One day Willy decided to clean up his town, a town he had once seen as a mountain of green lush grass and birds singing happily, but now the skies were grey and the grass no longer green and healthy. Today to his astonishment, there were no birds singing! Billy was fed up with the culprits: Pollution, chemicals and exhaust. The people were giving in to the enemy, pollutants. He was going to do something about it today! He wouldn 't give in. Willy decided to get all his friends together and have a meeting. "Look everyone" said one boy, "Willy says he 's going to clean up our town and he needs our support for his big goal." Willy was happy that all his friends were willing to help with his crusade. Willy managed to make a sign and a guide to follow which read: Steps To A Better And Cleaner Town *To The Public: Please take this very seriously: Pollution and chemicals can affect our health and the earth we live on. Help save the earth: *By following these very simple steps: *Garbage is becoming …show more content…

Willy 's words were: "The grass isn 't green anymore, the skies aren 't blue and the birds aren 't singing." Everyone was truly amazed how Willy got the word out, he was a celebrity in his own right! Willy praised his supporters who had given him their time and efforts to help with this important

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