Willy's Lies

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Furthermore another character that lives in a world of illusions in Willy’s son Biff. Biff is thirty-four years old without out a stable job and still living at home with his mom and dad. He was a high school football star, he had a charming personality, and lots of friends. Willy thought this is all his son would ever need. But since he failed math and did not have enough credits to graduate his life started going downhill. His dad never made school a priority. Willy would pride his son on his good looks, and athletic ability. He never wanted to face the reality of all this so it just started living in all these dreams and illusions. The text states, “The city and the pursuit of success enforce a way of life that is essentially corrupting, …show more content…

Because of the way he grew up and was raised he was living a life of lies. Throughout the play Biff is the only one who grows as a character. At the end of the play after his father’s suicide he comes to terms with reality. He knows he cannot keep living on this made up dream. The author states, “At the root of Biff’s wrongdoing and feelings of guilt lie shame and feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. But, unlike his father, he faces, and learns from, his shame. Consequently, the play suggests that he can rebuild his sense of self-worth and re-establish his relation to others on healthier grounds. He makes sense of his guilt by confronting the shame buried deep in his sense of identity. Ultimately, the ability to do so enables him to empathize with his father” (10). This is telling us that in the end Biff does come to terms with everything and can gain a new perspective into life. He understands he has to work hard and not just worry about his looks in order to succeed in life. In the end of the play Biff becomes more apart of society. He actually starts living a real life. For example the author states, “Willy Loman is lost because he does not know who he

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