Women And The American Dream In The 1970's

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Women and the American Dream
Maya Kelley
Park City High School

The American Dream has encapsulated the hopes of people around the world. By definition, it is “the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.” This ideal became a source of hope that anyone has the chance to advance politically, economically, and socially. For most, the dream was to find a better life. In the 1970s and throughout history, this “better life” meant having freedom of choice, and economic security, and the opportunity to succeed.
1970s life was full of bell-bottom pants, macrame, and tie-dye, all set to the soundtrack of disco and funk. Along with the …show more content…

The movement was characterized by anti-Vietnam war protests, drug use, and the sexual revolution. The counterculture movement inspired many people to push back against tradition and the injustices they saw in American life. During this time, women continued to fight for social and political rights. They saw progress as affirmative action increased females’ opportunities to join the workforce, and the landmark case Roe v Wade gave women the right to an abortion. Despite these gains, women’s efforts to create a more equal society were constantly met with conservative backlash. In the 70s, conservatives prevented the Equal Rights Amendment from being ratified, the act would have given women equal rights when it came to divorce, employment, and …show more content…

Due to the introduction of contraceptives such as the pill in the 70s, women gained greater freedom in society and greater control over their bodies. Along with contraceptives, women made their greatest stride with Roe v Wade. This monumental case gave women the right to an abortion. This, in turn, gave women the right to choose how they wanted to live their lives. “The ability to make this personal health care decision has also enabled women to pursue educational and employment opportunities that were often unthinkable prior to Roe” (Planned Parenthood). Women’s freedom of choice and having a greater say in their lives was a huge factor in pushing women closer to their American Dream. Flashing forward to 2022, the Supreme Court case Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned Roe v Wade. Thus, ending the right to an abortion. This decision marks a massive step back in the fight for women’s rights as the case took away women’s say in their own bodies, and therefore their freedom. For many women, this ruling was detrimental to the lives they wished to live, and they watched their American Dream slip out of

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