Feminism In Vertigo

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Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Vertigo is a paragon of Hitchcock’s psychosomatics. This sensational masterpiece is a depiction of dramatis personae, in an unconventional and non-clichéd direction. The female counterparts are not portrayed as the shrinking violets, but are incessantly the dynamic and self-contained persona, who tend to be an invariably strong character. It is inferred that women in this film are designated by demeanors, which are contrasting to each other. Inn different scenes in the movie, we see the women conforming to be unassertive and acquiescent; although having the ascendancy to turn the tables on men as and when they need to. Hitchcock exemplifies the fact of “femme-fatal” ensuing the compromising and dangerous situations, …show more content…

129 The depiction of women is done in two different forms. The first classification defines the more pragmatic, clear-sighted and proficient personality, which is epitomized by the Midge. To portray the intelligence and the upper hand she possessed even on the male protagonist Scottie, director Hitchcock makes use of cut-ins, close-ups and camera movement, for the scenes with Midge. Her advice is considered to be maternalistic and comforting, thus representing her maturity and the importance of her “female gaze”. In the very introductory scene, even Scottie refers to Midge as “being motherly”. The viewers tends to empathize with Midge as they associate with her sentiments, because of the manipulation of the camera and the close-ups in such a manner which tend to show her perspective. Midge symbolizes the support system, whom Scottie can bank upon; as she is also the one who tries to help him get control of his acrophobia, during which he falls down into her protective arms. A scene unfolds at the prelude of the film, where Midge is sketching the lingerie kept on her desk. She explains that the “backless bra”; follows a principle similar to the cantilever bridge and was fabricated by an aircraft engineer. The main motive of this scene is to depict the parallel between

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