Women's Roles In The Choctaw Tribe

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The Choctaw Indian Tribe is very different in terms of the roles of the men and the women. Women assume the position of leader in most cases. However, they all have to work together. Men, women, and children have to come together to help the tribe to function. Men in the Choctaw tribe, had the basic jobs of any Native American tribe. Men took on jobs as hunters. This provided the necessary meats and hides that the tribe needed to survive. They also acted as warriors who protected their family and tribes during a war or battle. The men painted their faces and bodies to try to intimidate their enemies. During war time, war chiefs, most commonly men, made the big decisions. However, during peacetime, the women made the real decisions of the Choctaw Tribe. For this reason, the tribe is considered matriarchal, or the women is the head of …show more content…

They would teach children the tribe’s history. They also shared stories with the young children. Men and women taught children about Native American art, music, and dance. Both men and women also served as providers of the Native Americans’ medicines. Children had their own jobs too. They would do anything a typical child would do today. They would play outside and also help with chores around the tribe. Both boys and girls would also go to school and play sports. The girls would accompany the women in helping with household chores such as cooking, sewing, and cleaning. The boys would go hunting with the men and also learn how to farm the land to be able to provide for the tribe in the future. (choctawnation.wordpress.com) (World Book) Both Choctaw men, and women, had very important jobs inside the Choctaw Tribe. However, some of their jobs overlapped, even with the children in the tribe. Both men and women used their jobs to help with the necessities of the tribe. They used their jobs to strengthen each other and help themselves and future

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