Wuthering Heights Free Response Questions

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Practice Free Response Questions

Heathcliff was an orphan who was brought to live at Wuthering Heights by Mr. Earnshaw. Since he was from wild nature, he had a temper so Linton and Heathcliff often had quarrels. However, his extraordinary powers of will to acquire Wuthering Heights turned him into evil, he used that position to revenge Linton.

The sudden change of Heathcliff’s position gave him confidence, conceit, and greed. He wanted to give back all the ill-treatment he received in his childhood to Linton and Catherine. He wanted more power by acquiring Thrushcorss Grange into his property, so he planned to make marriage between Cathy and Linton. Later, when the relationship between Cathy and Linton did not work well, he used power to force Cathy. This shows that he would do …show more content…

In Heathcliff’s childhood, he was treated as servant by Linton and Catherine, but now he has is own servant. In addition, in his childhood, due to his dark skin, he was never been accepted by his adobpted family. He was also called the “gipsy”, “wicked boy”, and “villian”. His growing of selfishness and dignify can define his class has been totally changed. However, Heathcliff’s violent acts, and threats support the fact that he can be a real beast. In the novel, he had a major conflict with Edgar. They both conducted psychological warfare. The most horrible thing he did was to lock Cathy and Nelly like a prison. He forced Cathy to marry Linton before he dies, and did not send her to her father, Edgar. His evil thoughts and plans ruined many people’s lives, he seems like he wanted to make everyone to suffer. Heathcliff is a miserable human being. Linton and Catherine’s ill-treatment was the cause of the transition, and his position in the household gave him faith and courage. To sum up, the changes in a character’s position greatly affected the

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