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  • College Admissions Essay: My Dream Career

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    College is a remarkable journey and when I think about what three things initially motivated me to start college, what three things will keep me motivated to keep going to graduate, and how will I stay motivated throughout my coursework? Many things come to mind. Some great examples include my son, fiance and success. Let's read further to find out why! To start off with, what three things initially motivated me to start college? Hmm. I have many reasons on why I chose to start college, but

  • Essay On My First Generation Experience

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    All first generation experiences in America have common grounds but have some differences. From the first Americans in the 1700s till current immigrants, which included the Irish, Germans, Africans, Chinese, Scandinavians, Hispanics, South Americans, etc; They all had to adjust to American culture, adjust to the way of life, and struggled financially and emotionally. Some improved their lives in society while others had it terrible. I can sort of relate to the emotional and financial pain like most

  • Literary Analysis Of 'The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock'

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    In the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, it is about a man who is insecure. In the story, a man named Mr.Prufrock is debating whether or not he should ask the “overwhelming question”. In the story, he is very self-conscious about him getting old and becoming bald. This poem was written in February 1910. On February 1, 1910, the first British labor exchange opens. Also in this 1910, on February 19, 1910 English premiere of Richard Strauss’ “Elektra”. New Girl is a show about a girl that moves

  • Short Story Analysis

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    In the short account we are acquainted with a family taking their hebdomadal end of the week trek to their cabin in the wide open. For the most bit. the story takes topographic point at the home itself. also, here we get a decent infiltration into the family's. what's more, especially Martha's. life. The subjects in this account are old versus new standards and customs partner to sexual orientation parts inside marriage and society. From the get bringing down the third individual storyteller acquaints

  • Duke Ellington's Song Analysis

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    1959-1973.Duke won three more awards after his death from 1973-2000. Duke Ellington was in the spotlight not only during his life but was still in the spotlight many years after his death. Duke was born in Washington D.C. on April 29,1899.Duke’s music career started at age seven when began studying the piano.At age 15, Duke wrote his first composition.The song was called “Soda Fountain Rage.”The song was inspired by his job as a soda jerk.Ellington was given an art scholorship to Pratt Institate

  • Tin Pan Ally's Song Analysis

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    place to fine popular music that was wrote by immigrants. Tin Pan Ally was just a name given to the place where the Offices of the publishers in New York (Broadway). The places where just row houses that still stand today but as homes and not music publishers. The style of music that was heard coming the offices at the time was more of classic sound up to the mid-20s. For Tin Pan Ally to become a place for music to live and grow so one day it can be institution where music icons like George Gershwin

  • Phenomenon Of Groove Analysis

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    quite recently by musicologists; it is almost a century that this word is being used in music contexts. From the 1920s of the Jazz Age until now, the expression of groove is simply used to refer to music performed really well, especially from the rhythmic section. Even if this affirmation is too general, is partially correct. Musicians and listeners make use of the word groove when they really enjoy certain music to the point of tap their foot or dance. Defining properly what groove is and why creates

  • Billy Strayhorn's Influence On Jazz

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    Compositions Duke Ellington 1. Recordings 1. Future musicians influenced Billy Strayhorn Book • Author/Name:Leur, Walter van de.  • Title:Something to live for : the music of Billy Strayhorn / Walter van de Leur. • Published/Distributed:New York : Oxford University Press, 2002. • Physical Description:xxiii, 328 p. : ill., music ; 25 cm. • Title:Strayhorn : an illustrated life / edited by A. Alyce Claerbaut and David Schlesinger. • Published/Distributed:Chicago : Bolden, 2015. • Resource Type:text

  • Dave Brubeck's Compositions Analysis

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    became involved with polyrhythms and polymodality, and they developed a relation of friendship until Milhaud’s death in 1974. Brubeck emerged as one of the most significant figures in West Coast jazz of the 1950s and beyond. Deborah Mawer states, “Brubeck returned to California for more academic study, ‘determined to get his still-evolving, polytonal, polyrhythm but not-bop music accepted in the jazz community and to make it a part of the American musical mainstream’.” Brubeck experimented with

  • Bob Fosse: Jazz Dance Midterm

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    Nichele Rascoe Jazz Dance Midterm (Bob Fosse Contribution to Broadway) Robert Louis Fosse, better known as Bob Fosse, became Broadway’s leading choreographer and director during the late 1960’s into the 1970’s. Fosse grew up surrounded by theatre and dance. At a young age, he toured throughout Chicago theaters and naval bases as a dancer. In later, years Bob Fosse went into acting. Yet, his acting career was cut short due to his premature balding, causing him to turn to choreography. Fosse’s choreographic

  • Nature Of Creativity Essay

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    major ways in which the term is used. On the one hand, it refers to a special kind of thinking and on the other hand, creativity is used to refer to the generation of products that are perceived to be creative, such as works of arts, architecture or music. In terms of these creativity adopts the stance that it is the capacity to get ideas, especially original, inventive and novel. The terms 'creativity' and 'creative process' have been defined in many ways. Some of the definitions are as

  • I Will Always Love You Analysis

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    There is no official music video for Dolly Parton’s version of the song. It is only possible to find videos of Dolly singing on television shows. Dolly is usually dressed up in her gaudy bedazzled wardrobe and her infamous wig. Her videos are simple and boring. They consist of her standing on a stage, holding a microphone, and singing. On the complete opposite, Whitney has her own large music video production. The music video was produced as part of the movie “The Bodyguard”

  • Essay On Violin

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    Among four groups of instruments – Stringed, Keyboard, Wind and Percussion Instruments – I single out the first ones, in particular violin. I like the sounding and the way sounds are elicited from the instrument. Violin - bowed stringed musical instrument with high register . It has four strings tuned in fifths : G, D 1 , a 1 , e 2 (salt low octave, D, middle C, the second octave), the range of G (G minor octave) to a 4 (A fourth octave) and above. There are also five-stringed violin , with

  • History Of The Flute Essay

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    The flute is a instrument that have been existing almost 35,000 years.The first metal flute creator was Theobald Boehm in the 16 th centuries, which is made by vulture’s wing bones, perforate with 5 finger holes for when you play it it will have holes to make music.But if the 5 holes of the flute would have the same tone, it wouldn't be worth having the holes since it would make the same tone.That’s why the flute have 16 different tones holes. An interesting fact about the flute is that in 1529

  • Fisher Tull's Rhapsody For Trumpet And Band

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    schooling. As a trumpet player, Fisher Tull played both classical and jazz music and early in his life considered himself to be more of a jazz musician. Fisher Tull went on to enroll at The University of North Texas in 1952, where he earned his Bachelor of Music in Music Education. Following the completion of his first degree Tull went on to continue and complete his graduate studies at The University of North Texas in music theory and trumpet performance in 1957. While a graduate student, Tull served

  • Philippine Music Law

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    Bulletin #6, s.1959, titled Improving the Teaching of Music, was a follow up of D.O. #1,s. 1957, observations being that “music has for some years not been seriously taught”. Prescribed in the bulletin; music was combined in Arts and Physical education, but music was usually neglected. General Letter #23, dated July 21, 1956 gave specific instructions that music should be given a sufficient time on the day’s program in addition to its correlation with appropriate subjects. As early as 1950

  • Improvisation In Swing Music

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    History of Jazz music Jazz is music genre that originated from New Orleans in the early 20th century. A major port city, people from all over the world, of different ethnic groups came together and as a result, musicians were exposed to a variety of music (Verity, 2016). Jazz was born out of and evolved from the African American experience in the United States. Jazz evolved from slave and religious folk songs and its originators were primarily African American (Dyas, 2016). However, its roots can

  • Jean Françaix's Le Gay Paris

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    Françaix’s Le Gay Paris pour trompettet et instruments a vent Life and Career of Jean Françaix’s 1912-1974 Jean Françaix was a French pianist and composer who was raised into a musical family in Le Mans, France. Jean Françaix’s mother was a vocal teacher and his father Alfred Françaix’s was a composer, pianist, musicologist, and director of the Le Mans Conservtoire. Jean Françaix received his first music lessons from his father when he began composing at the age of six. In 1922 at the age of ten, Jean

  • Elton John: The Rocket Man Of Music

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    The Rocket Man of Music One could call Elton John the Rocket Man of music, not just because of his hit “Rocket Man” but because of his incredible popularity and rise to stardom. He is a British singer, pianist and composer and is considered to be one of the most popular musicians of the 20th century. He was born as Reginald Kenneth Dwight on March 25, 1947. He has sold over 250 million records, found success on Broadway and composed the music score for “Billy Elliot” the Tony award hit in 2008. His

  • Tone In Harrison Bergeron's 'Harrison Bergeron'

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    Tone, the general character or attitude the author has towards a piece of writing. The tone in “Harrison Bergeron” is represented, by the author, in a number of techniques that writers have in their arsenal such as, satire, irony, symbolism and diction. The author uses Satire many times thought this story to give us something to think about and ponder instead of giving us what we are supposed to think. For example; when he tells us about the ballerinas and how they are held down by weights and how