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  • Wireless Communication Research Paper

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    1.1 Wireless communication There are various generation in the wireless system. We are running with the 4 G wireless system which is more focused on the high speed data communication. The demand for higher capacity with low error has raised manifolds, mainly due to cellular telephony although expected to be soon eclipsed by wireless data applications. The various digital signal processing algorithms like IFFT, FFT can be implemented with the advent of modern chip technology. Due to the success of

  • Wireless Communication Impact On Human Society

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    Impact of wireless communications on human society Kelland Chew Jiaxing U1321665F L2 KCHEW002@E.NTU.EDU.SG Abstract Aim – To research the impact of wireless communications on society Objectives – To demonstrate the benefits of developing wireless communication technologies Background – Wireless communication technology has forever changed how we communicate and we are no longer tethered by a cable when we wish to communicate. Results – Wireless communication advancements are still crucial to the

  • Quality Improvement In Hotels

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    Quality improvement Juran, et al. (1999) and Mohsen (2009) concluded that improvement in quality is defined as the creation of valuable change to achieve unmatched levels of performance. Quality improvement can be calculated by viewing increases in income and meeting organizational goals through planning. Meeting needs of customers can be helped by efficient “quality planning”. The organization must identify the customers, their needs, and use that information to create a product or service

  • 3g Service Assignment

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  • Disadvantages Of Gsm And 3g

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    GSM and 3G networks. It has been noticed that a lot of research work has been done on GSM and 3G in the past few years. It is because these two are the most important way of telecommunication at the present. This term paper provides review about the working of GSM and 3G. It also provides GSM architecture. The requirements for their setups and key elements etc. Downfall of GSM and people shifting to 3G. This term paper provides with advantages, disadvantages and challenge of GSM and 3G. The material

  • Pricing Strategy: Size Mountain Dew Sprite 3G

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    Mountain Dew Sprite 3G Sprite 250mL 22 15 22 500mL 45 40 40 1.5 litter 85 70 85 Can 35 - 35 Gross margin or profitability The cost incurred in 250ml was 6 Rs and company includes distribution charges 2 Rs in one bottle. The total cost incurred from manufacturing to delivering product to customer is 8 Rs and sold to retailer at 12 Rs. The profit earned by the company is 4 Rs behind per bottle. The retailer sold to its customer is for Rs 15. Price sensitive The customers of Sprite 3G are targeting less

  • Latest Technology Essay

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    Everyone would have owned a 2G technology otherwise a 3G technology in their lifetime. There is every possibility that you are using these services rite now for reading this article. But the recent study shows that 2G and 3G services have faded and are a kind of old fashioned and people are in need of latest technology. Now-a-days people are using internet on a regular basis whether to message

  • Advantages Of Blu-Ray Disc

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    Blu-Ray Disc 3G AND 4G   Blu-ray disc Introduction: After DVD, comes the latest and the highest technology up so far; the BLU RAY disc. Blur Ray disc can store HD (High Definition) videos at about 1080 pixels. Physically, it is of same size as CDs and DVDs. Regardless of its same size, it can store upto 27 GB of data, which equals to more than two hours of a HD video and and 13 hours of SD video. As it uses blue violet laser to write and read, therefore it is named as Blu-Ray. It was developed

  • 4g Mobile Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Introduction 4G, short for fourth generation, is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology. 4G is the new and improved version of 3G. The internet speeds of 4G are five times faster. The internet connection is stronger and the internet speed will not suddenly slow down. There are already loads of phones available that can connect to 4G networks, while all the big new smartphones of the future will be compatible. Now, 4G will be a fully IP-based integrated system and support

  • 4g Essay

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    considered the pinnacle of 3G technology with theoretical speeds comparable to some of the newer 4G networks. This has led to some providers promoting HSPA networks as 4G when actually HSPA should be considered at most as 3.5G1. Newer 4G networks offer theoretical speeds of 300Mbps for downloading and 75Mbps for uploads. The primary factor delaying the 4G roll out can be contributed to the fact that it's an IP-based system requiring a complete redesign of current 3G network architecture the drawback

  • Mobile Phone History Essay

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    On account of the great functions, 3G mobile communication products was called "personal communications terminal" with large color display and touch-sensitive. In addition to complete routine communications, It also works as multimedia communications. Users can write on the touch screen 3G phone, draw and send it to another phone. Apple and Samsung are the two strongest manufacturers of 3G. Oppositely, Nokia and Ericsson, the previous supper stronger manufacturers

  • Nokia Vs Blackberry Case Study

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    of January 2007, Apple introduced its first IPhone, called the IPhone 2G. This smartphone was provided with a multi touch screen that has a very user friendly and addictive interface. But the IPhone had its disadvantages. The IPhone 2G didn’t support 3G networks, playing Flash files was impossible, the touch screen had a lack in true multi-tasking (S. Kahn, 2009), a GPS was missing, it had short battery life and weaker security. At Blackberry, CEO and co-CEO Lazaridis and Balsillie were far from recognizing

  • External Environment In Telecommunication Industry

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    of wireless network technology can be seen as it changes only within approximately 5 years in Malaysia. According to Mohd (2008), he said that “Planning for 3G or 3rd Generation Mobile in Malaysia commenced in May 2000.” After the implementation of 3G, this service continue to grow and bring huge changes in the telecommunication industry as 3G started to provide internet service to those consumer who holding wireless device. Until 2009, wireless network technology once encounter another huge strike

  • Advantages Of 4g Technology

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    advanced wireless communication technologies. 3G technology offers different services to customers like high bandwidth, packet-based transmission of text, voice, video, audio and multimedia needed support through Wide code division multiple access (W-CDMA) and time division-code division multiple

  • Airtel Case Study

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    1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Airtel Ghana is auxiliary of an Indian information transfers organization that works in 20 nations crosswise over South Asia, Africa and the Channel Islands. It works a GSM system in all nations, giving 2G or 3G administrations relying on the nation of. The vision of Airtel is to be internationally appreciated for telecom benefits that; Delight clients, Targeted by top gifts and Benchmarked by more business. Airtel items and administrations are ordered into three individual

  • Maxis Marketing Strategy

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    for Mobile Communications (GSM) band. After that, the company uses the 2100 MHz Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) band in July 2005. Besides, Maxis was the first to introduce 3G services in this country. Next, the company uses High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) to enhance the high speed 3G network in which promoting wireless broadband services. Other than that,

  • Wireless Communication Technology: First Generation (1G)

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    Communication Networks: 1G to 4G (Kumar, Liu, Sengupta, & Divya, 2010), the one that described the 3G to acquire its present features and processes is the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) that make use of the another mobile communication which is the International Mobile Communication or the IMT-2000. Two countries were able to accomplish and execute these characteristic given by the ITU for the 3G which have different companies

  • Mobile Generation Essay

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    Contents Introduction 3 Introduction From the beginning analog mobile generation (1G) to the last implemented fourth generation (4G) the pattern has altered. The new generations don’t pretend to become with better voice communication but to get access to the reality of new mobile communication. The purpose is that to get access to anything every time, everywhere. As the needs of the users changing day by day, so the purpose is to provide services to the users according to their

  • Gelatine Hydrolysis Test Lab Report

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    kept in ice cubes containing beaker and observed for Gelatine liquefaction by the bacterial isolates. The gelatine liquefied tubes were considered as positive reaction (Aneja, 2001). Composition of Gelatine liquefaction medium Peptone 5g Beef extract 3g Sodium chloride 5g Gelatine 120g Agar 20g Distilled water 1000ml PH 7 IV. Casein hydrolysis test The sterilized plates containing skim milk agar medium were point inoculated with fresh bacterial cultures and incubated

  • Disadvantages Of Maxis

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    demographic, economic, political and legal, sociocultural, technological, global and physical environment that generally affect everyone in the market in a similar manner. 3.1.1 Demographic Maxis invested RM1.24 billion to develop and upgrade their 3G