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  • Annotated Bibliography

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    “Proper way to Cite Sources for Academic Papers” A Feasibility Study Presented to the Faculty of College of Engineering, Architecture and Fine Arts Batangas State University Alangilan, Batangas In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for CE – 414 Methods of Research for CE Villena, Ervil John D. CE-4103 12-92361 November 2015 Why cite the sources used in a research paper? Citing sources used in a research paper is important. It will help you support your argument and

  • Analyze Ways A Practitioner Can Stay Grounded In Theory

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    for more research (Leedy, 2005).  The relationship to the literature.  The theory and the theory’s relationship.  The relationship to practice (Leedy, 2005). Question 6: Three ways that practitioners use academic work in the area of expertise. The three types of academic work and they are Quantitative research, Qualitative research, Mixed Methods research (Leedy, 2005). Prepare the research by choosing the subject, designing the study, and analyzing the research study. The writer should

  • English Text Analysis: Laura E. Agnich's 'Scientific Journal'

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    English Text Analysis #3 - Scientific Journals In the world of academic publishing and scientific research, scientific journals are noted to be the most accurate and thoroughly researched text pieces. This is due to the fact that scientific journals are peer reviewed by experts amongst that field before being accepted for publication. Purple drank prevalence and characteristics of misusers of codeine cough syrup mixtures is an article written by Laura E. Agnich, John M. Stogner, Bryan Lee Miller

  • Importance Of Comparative Public Administration

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    Varna and Sharma (1983) states that there are two factors that make comparative studies significant. The first factor relates to the academic study of Public Administration. It is believed that through Comparative Public Administration; hypotheses, generalisations, models and theories can be constructed which can collectively help in the scientific study of Public Administration. The

  • Direct Quotes For Research Papers

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    Professor Denson and fellow classmates, I do not actually have any direct quotes in my research paper to pull from for this discuss, however for this sandwich I will create some. I have never used direct quotes due to the rules and regulations around them, to me, it is easier to write my story and paraphrase as needed. This is just my way of handing, and writing, and I as we all know have no issues talking so writing is just that on paper. With that said, here goes let’s make some sandwiches (:

  • Field Log Analysis

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    Today, I wrote the materials and methods section of my final paper. This section was easier to write than the results section but it still took a long time. I had to go through all of my past journals and read through my field logs in order to remember what I did exactly. I also wrote down a list of all the tools I used throughout data collection, and I went through my pictures to figure out which ones to use for reference. After refreshing my memory, I broke down the section into three parts: selecting

  • Academic Research Worksheet

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    This worksheet is intended to serve as a guide for reading a scholarly article. Completing this sheet as you read an article will help you understand the point the author is making and how he or she has gone about doing so. It also provides an opportunity to evaluate the clarity and effectiveness of the article. 1) Identify what kind of article it is. Check all that apply and be ready to explain why. a. ____ New Research. Does it present research on an important topic that has not yet been studied

  • Comparing Scholar And Non Scholarly Articles On Advocacy For Patients

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    INTRODUCTION Research is the vast field and in order to conduct same one review number of articles. These articles can be classified in two categories namely scholar and non scholar article. There is a huge difference between both sort of articles in terms of reliability and level of information they provided to the readers. In the current report, one scholar and non scholar article is discussed in detail and on the basis of same specific conclusion is formed in the current research report. Finally

  • DNA Profiling

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    Summary: The topic of my research was “Should all babies born in Australia have their DNA profiled and stored in a database at birth?” I chose this topic after view a news article on the ABC website, which spoke about the remains of a young child found in a suitcase and how the police were having trouble identifying the remains. To research this topic, I had decided that the best sources would be journal articles and science publications. I also viewed an interview on YouTube to find primary data

  • Interview With Michele Evink: President Of The Iowa Pharmacy Association

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    Our interview with Michele Evink, the 2013-2014 president of the Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA), was very insightful. Dr. Evink received her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree at the University of Kansas before moving back to her home state of Iowa. Dr. Evink is very passionate about Iowa pharmacy, but also has been an influential leader in many different pharmacy organizations. Throughout her years as a pharmacy leader, Dr. Evink has served as a co-creator of the Young Pharmacist Leadership Association

  • Writing A Solid Thesis Statement

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    Through the process of completing my academic research paper for this course I learnt numerous things. The first thing I learnt from the process of writing my paper was the significance of having a solid thesis statement. When it comes to writing a research paper I find that many individuals, including myself, typically attempt to cover a topic that is too large for the length of the assigned paper. When writing future research papers I will remind myself to structure a clear thesis statement that

  • APA Reflection Paper

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    The process of writing a paper in general can be tedious and this paper was my most complex paper. In my opinion, there is more of a challenge in writing a research paper than any other paper that can personalized. Before starting the paper I had to first decide on a specific question from the topic of food. That is one aspect that was troubling. There are so many angles on food and deciding on what to focus on left me with questions on what was of most importance, what is the focus right now, and

  • Peer Review Paper

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    My peer- reviewed article I chose to review for this paper is the effects of research in the public sector. My article discusses the need for the public sector to research the market and customer to develop new ideas and new innovations within the firm. The article discusses the impact of increasing global competition and increasing technological advances within the market. The role of research is becoming of a necessity for a company within the public sector. One of the biggest effects on the public

  • Romeo And Juliet Project Analysis

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    This activity combines an analysis of Romeo and Juliet with external research queries that support conclusions made about the text. Rather than focus merely on the study of literature, it allows students to gather evidence from cross-disciplinary research. This is a project that students complete across our Romeo and Juliet unit. They are introduced to the project before we begin reading, and they have inquiry notebook entries due each week while they are reading. After we finish reading the text

  • Incident-Based Peer Review

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    Incident-Based Peer Review Peer review is a process established to evaluate individual standards and quality of care issues (Harrington & Smith, 2015, p. 1). According to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), all hospitals are required to implement a program of incident-based peer review and comply with the reporting requirements established by the Texas Board of Nursing (BON) (Bearden & Shelton, n.d.). According to Haag-Heitman & George (2011), “the primary purpose of peer review

  • Alan Burdick's Articles And Progression Summary

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    Summary of Alan Burdick’s Articles and Progression Alan Burdick, a staff writer for The New Yorker. His focus is on mainly on writing about scientific discoveries and information. Of the eight articles analyzed, seven of the eight contained a large portion of scientific information. Burdick’s articles all had the general public as the audience and majority of the articles analyzed had scientific groups included in the article’s intended audience. This audience group was achieved by creating a balance

  • Research Paper In Mla Format

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    A sample of the research paper gives clear instructions how to write a good research paper in MLA format. Thank you so much for making it easy. Now I can start my third essay which has to incorporate two critical secondary sources. In the sample, the writer uses multiple secondary sources to discuss how it relates to his argument about the primary source. It is very helpful to see how the writer incorporates them into his writing. The comments at the end of the sample are very useful because they

  • Feeling Of Time Revealed In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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    Both “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien and “A Small, Good Thing” by Raymond Carver use similar pacing. Pacing can refer to either the amount of time lapsed in text or the amount of time it takes to read each page, and the two stories utilize both definitions. By doing so, the texts invoke tension and feelings of helplessness in the main characters. “The Things They Carried” uses slow pacing to mimic the destitute and prolonged feeling of aimlessly going to war. In this story, the pacing focuses

  • A Qualitative Research Chapter 5 Summary

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    Chapter 5 explores “best practice” pertaining to who to prepare and plan for the research process. It gave great insight in to understanding and working with the three types of sources: primary, secondary, and tertiary. It gave clear and persist information on the definition of each, and how they are use in the early stages of planning your research plan. In Chapter 6, focused on “how to engage your sources productively and how to take notes so that readers can trust you when you rely on or critique

  • Annotated Bibliography

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    As with other professional fields of study, scholarly journals play an important role within the world of information literacy. Peer-reviewed journals report on original research to make this information accessible to the information literacy community, including instructors, librarians, and students. Journal articles may discuss practical application of instruction techniques in classrooms, present research to further discussion, or offer thoughts from leaders in the field. For this journal analysis