Comparing Scholar And Non Scholarly Articles On Advocacy For Patients

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INTRODUCTION Research is the vast field and in order to conduct same one review number of articles. These articles can be classified in two categories namely scholar and non scholar article. There is a huge difference between both sort of articles in terms of reliability and level of information they provided to the readers. In the current report, one scholar and non scholar article is discussed in detail and on the basis of same specific conclusion is formed in the current research report. Finally, comparison of scholar and non scholar article is done in the report.
Critique of the scholarly source Scholarly article on advocacy for patients is prepared in the systematic way. On evaluation of the mentioned article lots of things can be identified. …show more content…

Many times patient demand things that must not be fulfilled otherwise one case face a health related issues. So, it can be said that care taker must focus on understanding needs and wants of patient but must fulfill only relevant and eligible wants. Article also makes it clear that if one knows its patient in better way then same can be treated in best manner. This is because deep understanding about ensure help one in estimating medical background of patient. Thus, it becomes very important for one to know unique things that are in the patient and accordingly must treat relevant person. There are few negative points that are associated with the above discussed article. One of them is that in article writer is talking about two contradictory things. On one hand, it is advocating a fact that care taker must do all things that are best for the patient. On other hand, it state that care taker must consider wants of patient and accordingly must act. There is absence of example where by explaining a situation writer can justify its statement in best way. This is the big thing that is not covered in the …show more content…

It can be observed that in the mentioned article it is not mentioned that which sort of exercise an individual must do regularly so that body immune system can be developed and one can be prevented from being affected from chronic disease. There are lots of things that can be added in the given article. One can communicate the way in which exercise help in improving body function. Like if one do yoga exercises then in that case blood circulation increases in the human body. Due to this reason memory loss problem does not comes in existence in human body. Blood circulation increases in the human body which gives lot of benefits to human body. Thus, it can be said that they way in exercise benefit human being is not communicated in the

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