After School Essays

  • After School Jobs

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    Teens should not be able to hold after-school jobs. This is worthy of discussing because it is important to keep our future generation safe. Many people would say that teens should be able to hold after-school jobs because it prepares them for experiences life later expects of them. But is that point valid enough to put your teen in harm’s way? One of the few problems with teens having after-school jobs is that they are unsafe. There are many accidents where young teens end up in the emergency room

  • After School Program Analysis: Whatever It Takes By Paul Tough

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    atmosphere. In both the school and home setting these children lack the proper resources which they need to succeed academically. Across the country, people have begun creating programs which aim to help children in poverty succeed, despite their socioeconomic status. These programs range from after-school reading, tutoring services, charter schools, and free summer programs. All of these programs provide children with extra academic help which they may not be receiving in school or at home. In “Whatever

  • Argumentative Essay: After School Sports In Schools

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    Thousands of schools across the nation have been debating whether or not their after-school sports should remain or be removed. These schools would save thousands of dollars and be able to afford other things if they cut sports from their budget. Therefore, schools should eliminate sports completely because they can cause financial difficulties for the district, contribute to low academic scores, and keep students from doing other activities. Many schools have after school sports that are overloading

  • Persuasive Essay After School Sports

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    Many students in our country partake in after school activities such as theater or band. One of the more popular extra curricular activities is sports. Many have criticized these activities as dangerous, as well as consuming all the time students have to relax or work on homework. Despite these protests to school sports, many studies as well as students have said many good things come from the sports they play for the school. Schools should be encouraging students to partake in sports and stay active

  • Pursuing College After High School

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    Pursuing college after high school is something that I want to do. Going to college is a different experience for everyone and I want mine to be special. An HBCU will make my college experience something I will never forget. College tour will expose me to a few of the HBCU that interest me.     I am a strong-minded, hardworking student. I am devoted to my studies. My education is something that I take very seriously. In my opinion you can not get anywhere without your education. Challenging myself

  • Argumentative Essay: After School Sports

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    Large numbers of schools around the world, but particularly in the U.S., give students the chance to partake in team sports after school, but this may not be as healthy for children as we thought. Since this may cause unfavorable effects, districts should eliminate after school sports to cut costs, make time for other academic activities, and eradicate the low grade average they are causing. Many may feel it is a wonderful idea for kids to play sports, but being involved in after school athletics may

  • After School Sports Persuasive Essay

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    ultimately fund you.” For many students, after-school sports are a way to relieve stress caused by everyday life. Some students are part of many sports, others one or none, but all of them understand that sports are beneficial for their mind, as it gives them time to relax. Furthermore, after participating in a sport, many students are less likely to be stressed. Although, what most do not realize is that this includes academic sports. Rocklin High School has many different sports, competitive and

  • Going To College After High School

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    College after high school sounds like a great conception to many, but some might not think so. Going to college after high school is a great option. It can set you on the right path to success, and it can lead you to more prosperity in the future. Graduating from college can additionally lead to many benefits, such as job security, higher income, and job satisfaction. Having higher education can also lead to more knowledge, which is great because knowledge is power. College can lead you onto the

  • Personal Narrative: After High School

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    As a senior, it has come to my attention of what I consider my plans to be after high school. Some students develop a trade in such fields as: health care, technology, or automotive repair and go straight into their craft. You also are blessed to have those that make rash decision to devote their lives to the military fighting for our country. Last, but not least, there are students like myself who are eager for the four-year college experience. We, then have our teacher who encourages and provokes

  • Military After High School Essay

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    Life is a scary thing to some people. Most don’t even know what to do after they graduate from high school, making them stuck; not going anywhere. Should every american citizen be required to go into the military after high school? It should be a law that every american citizen needs to go into the military after high school. Lots of more opportunities open up to you, making your life easier, and also making you a lot more healthy, making obesity not as much as a problem then it should be. There

  • Why We Should Do School Start Later

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    older child, it seems pretty clear that everyone of us can agree that we need more sleep throughout the week. Kids should have there schools start at a later time because that means more sleep! Although many of our bodies don't want to fully go to bed early, we still may want to have more time to sleep in the morning. Kids that have activities outside of or after school, get home late enough, along with sometimes loads of homework, and don't get to bed until an unnecessary late time. People don't like

  • Persuasive Essay On Life After High School

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    of times throughout the homes of families.What are you going to do after High School? Everyday you hear many different answers and bunch of different lectures of what you should and what shouldn’t you do. Having many honorable mentions such as Steve Jobs, Dave Thomas, or Kevin Rose shows that college after high school is not the only option. Four-Year Universities are not practical choice for most Americans students after High School because of the lack of preparation for a college education,Student

  • Personal Narrative: Life After High School

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    middle of summer, school was just about to start and I was very nervous about starting high school, along with being excited for learning new things, although I was mostly scared about getting a bad grade. As the days approached, many of my friends and I discussed of how we were all scared for our first week, scared of homework, tests, essays, and all sorts of frightening things. We all were eager to see how high school would be like. Time went on through the summer, and school was there before we

  • Argumentative Essay: Should Schools Start at Later Times?

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    Should schools start at a later time? Do teenagers have a better work performance in later times than in early times? I'm pretty sure most teenagers hate getting up for school.Most teenagers have trouble waking up and leaving their comfortable beds just to wake up early for school.Not getting enough sleep can lead to mad tempers and poor performance in class and here is why. Early school times prevent many adolescents from getting the sleep they need.It is more difficult for teenagers to go to

  • Persuasive Essay On After School Programs

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    After school, from 3 to 6 p.m, is a critical period of time in a child’s life. After school programs help keep kids safe and inspire them to learn during that period of time. After school programs are organized programs that youth can participate in outside of a traditional school day. Enrolling children in after school programs would provide them with benefits that unenrolled children would not receive, such as reduce risky behavior and promote physical health. After school programs provide a safe

  • Attending College After High School Essay

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    immediately after high school is one of the many challenges high schoolers face upon graduating. There are several reasons why that attending college promptly after graduation is a good idea. It is more beneficial than waiting because one will already have the drive to continue on with school rather than waiting, one will also graduate sooner which in turn will result in better job opportunities, and one is more likely to apply one’s high school knowledge. By attending college immediately after high school

  • The Benefits Of Attending College After High School

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    simply running with it all after high school to work, attending college isn’t considered a given anymore. Now not all cases are the same for every person, therefore they can only decide what is the best path for them after high school. Still, the benefits of a being a college graduate will never be diminished. Because in fact, that “gap year” could turn into two or even three years of sitting and deciding what to do in life. Or jumping right into working right after high school, leads to realizing there

  • Personal Narrative: Rehearsal After High School

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    I pulled down the sleeves of my army green jacket as I walked out of the front door of my high school. I was so glad to be done with this week and be able to go home and relax. I have never had anything that stressed me out more than school. It was only getting close to the end of first semester, and I had already lost all motivation. My teachers sucked. Okay not all of them, but still there were ones who had no clue what they were teaching. I had just walked across the parking lot and gotten into

  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On After School Tutoring

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    leadership is building a strong presence in the community as a whole-school or otherwise. This manifested into offering after school tutoring in math and science areas where the school struggles in terms of college readiness. I was initially apprehensive, wondering if people would show up after school to study. But, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people willing to take charge of their own learning and taking the after school tutoring extra help. Because I was actively tutoring students I

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience After High School In Middle School

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    In middle school, the graduating eighth grade class from my school attended Gradventure at Universal Studios. I had gone through three years of middle school and made a ton of friends. I was happy to be going to Universal for the first time ever with my best friends and favorite teachers. Of course, I had high hopes for the famous park – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Marvel’s Superhero Island and The Mummy – each stemmed from famous movies and books which left me excited.