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    Aileen Wuornos was born February 29, 1956 in Rochester, Michigan to Leo Dale Pittman and Diane Wuornos. Diane had abandoned her children and was never brought up in their household. Her father Leo went to prison before Aileen was born. Leo was a child molester and a psychopath who later hung himself while serving a life sentence in prison after his conviction of kidnaping and raping a seven year old girl. Growing up, Aileen lived with her brother and raised by their grandmother (Biography, 2015)

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    The book by Aileen Wuornos, Christopher Berry-Dee “Monster: My true story” tells the story of Aileen Wuornos from Florida who was a female serial killer and got sentence to death for her crimes. The book is a testimony of a serial killer and the report of Christopher Berry-Dee who spoke to her on the death row. He put together all her words from all possible interviews including the one he had with her and police tapes and composed a book with her true testimonies. The book is divided in to three

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    Aileen Wuornos was an abused child who later earned a living as a sex worker; Aileen was found guilty of killing seven middle-aged men, but only claimed to killing six and was later executed in a Florida prison. Aileen Pittman was born on February 29, 1956, in Rochester, Michigan. Aileen experienced a horrifying tumult during her childhood. Her father killed himself while serving prison time for child molestation, while her mother abandoned her and her older brother Keith, leaving them to be raised

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    Aileen Wuornos was born on February 29th 1956 in Rochester, Michigan. Her parents, Leo Dale Pittman and Diane Wuornos, had a troubled marriage. Her mother was a teen mother who was reckless and wasn’t ready for the responsibilities of being a mother. Her father was a psychopathic child molester. Diane then abandoned Aileen and her older brother, Keith, and Diane’s parents, Lauri and Britta Wuornos, then adopted them and cared for them as their own. Aileen was only four at the time. Her adoptive parents

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    Aileen Wuornos was an American serial killer who murdered several men between 1989 and 1990, leaving their bodies along highways in Northern and Central Florida. In 1992, she plead guilty to the murder of six men, and received the death penalty for each plea. Although much speculation surrounded her mental stability, she was eventually executed in 2002, making her the tenth woman executed in the United States, and the second in Florida, since the death penalty was reinstated in 1977. The first murder

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    mystery” (Reed, 2017). Aileen Wuornos is remembered as one of the first female serial killers captured in the United States. Aileen Wuornos, originally named Aileen Carol Pittman, was born in Rochester, Michigan, on February, 29th, 1956. She was the daughter of Leo Dale Pittman, who was incarcerated at the time of her birth from a sentence for committing sexual crimes against children and molestation, later taking his own life in prison (Reed, 2017). Her mother, Diane Wuornos, abandoned both she and

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    Kramer 28, April 2015 Aileen Wuornos Aileen was born on February 29th, 1956 in Rochester, Michigan to the parents of Leo Dale Pittman (father) and Diane Wuornos. She was a serial killer who was said to have killed several men. It was also believe that she was one of the United States first female serial killers. . She was born as Aileen Carol Pittman. Her father was also known as a psychopath and a child molester who was then incarcerated at the time of Aileen birth. Aileen’s mother

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    Aileen “Lee” Wuornos worked as a prostitute in central Florida and from 1989 through 1990 where she robbed and murdered seven men. All seven men were middle-aged white males. Aileen Wuornos claims these murders were an act of self-defense against being raped but later recanted and said she killed out of hate for human life. Once she was caught by the police and went to trial she was sentenced to the death penalty for six of the seven murders. She was the second female murderer executed in the state

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    received the infamous title of “Serial Killer”, Aileen Wuornos, in my opinion, may be one of the most notorious killers. Born in Rochester, Michigan on February 29, 1956, Aileen grew up in a broken home with her mother abandoning her and her brother, Keith, at their grandparents’ house after her abusive father left her mother (A&E Biography). Aileen’s childhood was a very rough one where her mother

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    Introduction: Aileen Wuornos was a Caucasian female born 2-29-1956 and was executed by the State of Florida, on 10-09-2002. She was convicted of killing 2 men but confessed to killing 7 total. The first conviction was Wuornos v. State of Florida, 19 Fla. Law W. S 455 (September 22, 1994), In which she was convicted of killing Richard Mallory, whom she claimed was in self-defense, after he beat her and raped her. “Richard Mallory, 51, Clearwater electronics shop owner. On December 1, 1989, a deputy

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    2017 Criminal Research Paper The Story of Aileen Wuornos Aileen Wuornos is one of America’s most infamous female serial killers. In fact, she was dubbed as “America’s first female serial killer,” although there were other known females that were convicted murderers as well. Aileen did not have a very fortunate upbringing as a child. Wuornos had been a victim of neglect, abandonment, and abuse, both physically and emotionally. Due to all of these issues, Aileen became rebellious and she quickly developed

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    killing of a person with malice aforethought. (List statistics of murder in the U.S.) Aileen Wuornos is a serial killer who went on a yearlong killing spree leaving seven men dead. But, who was really Aileen Wuornos? Was she a natural born killer or made into one? Wuornos lived a rough life, which it is believed to have led to her serial killer lifestyle, but there are other reasons that caused her wild actions. Aileen was never truly loved by any of her family or associates. It took a toll on her because

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    Subject Aileen Wuornos, daughter to Finnish-American mother, Diane Wuornos, and Leo Dale Pittman, was born in Rochester, Michigan on February 29, 1956. Aileen grew up in a dysfunctional family in which her parents divorced before her birth. She never knew her father due to his incarceration at the time of her birth. Her father was also diagnosed with schizophrenia and committed multiple sex crimes against children. At the age of 32 he hung himself in prison. Aileen also had a brother. At a young

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    arrested, tried and eventually put to death because of her actions. The name of this notorious killer is Aileen Wuornos and her story is definitely one for the textbooks. She is known as America’s first female serial killer and the second female to be put to death in Florida. As with many killers you can see a pattern before the final breakdown occurs. This paper will give an overview of Aileen Wuornos puzzling life which lead to her destructive nature as a teen and then eventually as a cold blooded killer

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    Aileen Wuornos lived a tragic life filled with many series of shortcomings and misfortune. Aileen Wuornos' life was anything but normal, and this is why her life of crime is no surprise. A child of early-age prostitution, awful parenting, uncaring guardians, stress, and a deceased sibling, Aileen never had a fair chance at life. However, using sociological theories can help explain why Aileen ended up living a life of crime. According to the biological theory, Borderline personality is a mental

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    Aileen Wuornos is a serial killer who was convicted of murdering six men and was sentenced to death in the state of Florida. She worked as a prostitute and she originally claimed she killed these men in self-defense because they were going to rape her. Soon before her execution, she recanted that and stated that she murdered them in cold blood. Wuornos’s case fits with many criminological theories. Park and Burgess created a social ecology that shows pathology in a ‘disease’ model. According to

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    Mental Disorders of Aileen Wuornos Aileen Wuornos was an infamous serial killer, she was known to have killed seven men from 1989 to 1990. Dr. Harry Kropp investigated her the year of the trial,“...he found her to be suffering from a “full blown delusional system” and having a Borderline Personality Disorder with Paranoid Features (” Dr. Bernard, a psychiatrist that observed her the year of her trial, told she also had Antisocial Personality Disorder. While these are

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    Aileen stared back at her grandmother, wide eyed yet unresponsive to the threats flying at her. Red faced and out of breath, her grandmother spewed judgements and insults before finally spitting, “Don't ever let me see your pathetic little face again.” Although she was joyous to be out from under her family's cruel thumb, Aileen quickly threw her things together and took off, truly unprepared for the real world she was about to face. Aileen Wuornos was a victim turned serial killer in 1990. Aileen

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    and 1990, Aileen Wuornos made her mark as the first American female serial killer who murdered several men leaving their bodies along Florida highways. She lived in Florida and was a working highway prostitute where she was picked up by the men. Wuornos alleged that she shot the men in self defense after they tried to sexually assault her. In 1989, “the body of Richard Mallory was found in a junkyard, with five more men’s bodies to be discovered over subsequent months” (Aileen Wuornos, 2017). Aileen

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    “I am one that hates human life and would kill again.” These are famous words by the convicted serial killer Aileen Wuornos who was put to death by lethal injection on October 9, 2002. She was one of America’s first woman serial killers convicted and put on death row. She killed seven men between the years 1989-1990 on Florida’s highways. She was called a serial killer because she killed men she did not know and all were killed in the same mannerism. She was a prostitute on the highways and