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Murder is by far one of the vicious crimes in the world. Murder is the unlawful killing of a person with malice aforethought. (List statistics of murder in the U.S.) Aileen Wuornos is a serial killer who went on a yearlong killing spree leaving seven men dead. But, who was really Aileen Wuornos? Was she a natural born killer or made into one? Wuornos lived a rough life, which it is believed to have led to her serial killer lifestyle, but there are other reasons that caused her wild actions. Aileen was never truly loved by any of her family or associates. It took a toll on her because she never had anyone to go to for comfort. So, anger had constantly built up in her. On top of that, mental illnesses and abusiveness somewhat ran through her …show more content…

In 1976, she was arrested in Michigan and charged with assault and disturbing the peace. That same year, her brother died from throat cancer and her grandfather committed suicide; she then started to hitchhike her way to Florida. She was all but, 20 years old. As she was making her way to Florida, she met Lewis Fell. He was 69 years old and was the president of a yacht club. The two married that same year, but Fell quickly divorced her because of the trouble she got herself into in Michigan. Her lifestyle didn’t fit with Fell’s at all. In 1981, Aileen was arrested in Edgewater, Florida for the armed robbery. In 1984, she was arrested for attempting to pass forged checks at a bank in Key West. In 1985, she was a suspect in the theft in Pasco County. In 1986, she was arrested in Miami and charged with car theft, resisting arrest, and obstruction of justice for false identification. In 1986, in Volusia County, Florida, Aileen was detained for questioning after a man accused her of pulling a gun on him in his car and demanding $200. That same year, Aileen met 24 year-old, Tyria Moore at a Daytona gay bar. Tyria quickly fell in love with Aileen. She quit her job and began following her place to place. Tyria fell for Wournos’ lifestyle and the power couple held a violent

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