Alliteration Essays

  • Alliteration In Crossing The Swamp

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    Mary Oliver uses alliteration, tone, and imagery to manifest in the reader's mind the emotions she felt as she crossed the swamp. Alliteration within this poem is used to offer emphasis on perspectives that the swamp is being viewed through. Mary Oliver alliterated the words branching, burred, belching, bogs, peerless, pale, fooothold, fingerhold, hipholes, hummocks as wells as sink and silently within the first half of the poem. In the second half only one case of alliteration is evident and is

  • Poem Analysis: Bonny Barbara Allen

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    Music is a powerful way to communicate. In the traditional folk ballad “Bonny Barbara Allen,” the use of syllables makes the poem more interesting. The rhythm gives this poem a musical feeling. Furthermore, the examples of alliteration and rhyme tie the poem together, and enhance its musicality. The poem uses poetic sounds to create a more interesting musical quality. The ballad’s syllables enhance interest in the poem. The first and last stanzas both have the same number of syllables per line,

  • Analysis Of Last Night I Dream Of Chickens By Jack Prelutsky

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    In the poem “Last Night I Dreamed of Chickens”, Jack Prelutsky creates a very humorous and wacky sense. He does so by rhyming his words, which makes it seem light, and not serious. He repeats himself many times, and creates alliteration that makes the poem feel catchy, and almost musical. One way he makes this poem feel almost like a song is rhyming. Rhyming can generally make you want to sing a poem, not just recite it. Prelutsky uses rhyming in many different places, using words such as “see

  • Julio Noboa Planco Identity Poem Analysis

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    it is good to be unique ,and yourself. Even if people dislike you or treat you with disrespect. In “Identity”Polanco uses the literary devices of simile, alliteration, and repetition. The poem that Polanco wote is about being unique and yourself is a good thing. One of the literary devices that Polanco uses is alliteration. For example in polanco’s poem is in line number eight, “Surface of stone”. This means doing the impossible for a change of freedom. Being yourself requires strength

  • The Rose That Grew From Concrete Essay

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    When having faith in oneself, is it possible to accomplish what others say is impossible? The Rose that Grew from Concrete is a poem by Tupac Shakur, and is a story about Tupac’s life growing up in the ghetto, and how through chasing his dreams and working hard he was able to become an internationally known musician and writer. Using symbolism, literary devices, and tone, Shakur shows how the timeless quote “anything is possible if you put your mind to it” (Steve Case), is still true today. In Shakur’s

  • Robert Bridges Poem

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    All in all, the choices of words used in the poem by Robert Bridges describe the struggle of the birds to live during winter season and scientifically, migration will be the best way to ensure their survival. Therefore in this poem, Bridges choose certain words to reflect numerous sounds which are related to the process of migration so that this process can be successfully presented in the mind of the readers. Without even knowing its meaning, the words like ‘chide’ and ‘chatter’ will make a good

  • Beowulf Essay: The Final Battle

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    about to slice and dice one of his enemies in a swift move. The author seemed to understand the necessity for appealing to the audience, as he makes the reader imagine the scene of the dragon striking Beowulf in his/her mind. Another example of alliteration in the passage is when the poet states, “Never again would he glitter and glide and show himself off in midnight air.” (lines 2832-2833). This time, there’s emphasis being placed on “g” thus creating a sort of chilling effect. In addition, despite

  • Alliteration In Beowulf

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    Alliteration, Imagery, and Kenning in Beowulf In the Anglo-Saxon poem “Beowulf”, the author’s used multiple different literary devices, three in particularly stuck out throughout the entire story, being alliteration, kenning, and imagery; the literary devices were used to connect the story, and help the reader understand the life of Beowulf, and emphasize the parts that were not clear throughout the story. The author uses literary devices throughout the story of “Beowulf” to

  • Ee Cummings Dbq Analysis

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    poems. He includes literary devices such as assonance, onomatopoeia, and alliteration. In document C, his poem titled "In Just-", the poem contains words together like "eddieandbill", which is telling the reader to read the names faster. Then he also has words spaced far apart, signaling that the reader has to slow down. The last poem "O the sun comes up-up-up in the opening," from document D, he uses onomatopoeia and alliteration. His poem is about farm animals, so in order for people to know what animals

  • Alliteration In Ozymandias

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    forgotten, Percy Bysshe Shelley uses literary devices such as alliteration, personification, and strong imagery. Alliteration is used to describe the nothingness that is left by the great king Ozymandias. The goal of life as it is, is to make a name that will not be forgotten in centuries to come. According to this poem, king “Ozymandias” has failed and now only a broken statue is left in his greatness. Percy Shelley uses the alliterations “boundless and bare and, lone and level” to display the setting

  • Megafaun Poem Analysis

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    For example, “Giant Godly Grizzly beasts” is an alliteration because it’s a repetition of sounds, in my poem the letter G is repeated. The alliteration allowed me to describe megafauna and give the audience a better understanding of the animals. An onomatopoeia is also used in the sentence, “their roar echoes like the wind” because roar is the sound

  • Dorothea Mackellar Belonging

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    ‘resist’ him, in fact, makes the writer more empowered in the face of adversity. Lesson’s constant use of alliteration and assonance, to create internal rhymes, resonate in their ‘machine gun’ rhythm, pounding the reader’s ears, and emphasising his message of intolerance and marginalisation. In the lines “I fire soliloquies and my liturgies, literally leave a literary litany”, strong alliteration and religious word choice, exaggerates the power of the solo writer in public word in indoctrinating. Furthermore

  • Robert Frost's Poems 'Design And Nothing Gold Can Stay'

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    Robert Frost (1874-1963), an award-winning poet, once said a poem should “begin in delight and end in wisdom.” Two of Frost’s poems that do this beautifully are “Design” and “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” These poems are alike but yet different. Robert Frost wrote the poem “Design” about his observations about a spider, a moth, and a flowering plant. In “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, Frost uses nature to demonstrate an idea about perfection. The biggest similarity between the two poems is that they both

  • Poem Prewriting Analysis

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    Fares Kamar English 11A – Leo Crafting an Exegesis of a Lyric Poem: Prewriting Typing directly into this document, respond thoughtfully and briefly to each of the following prompts. 1 Prompt Read the poem aloud: what characteristics immediately strike your ear? The poem starts off with a clear rhyme scheme as the first few lines actually sound a bit similar when you listen to them. But then as you read more of the poem, that rhyme scheme fades away as the lines don’t rhyme anymore. However, there

  • Jazz Fantasia Analysis

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    Sandburg opens his poem with a line of alliteration, saying, “Drum on your drums, batter on your banjoes” He also uses onomatopoeia to imitate the musical sounds often found in jazz music, stating, “...let your / trombones ooze, and go husha-husha-hush with the slippery / sandpaper” Sandburg appeals

  • Analysis Of Tamburlaine's Speech

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    This style is partly achieved by the grandiloquence of the blank verse, the rich metaphorical quality, by the syntactical and stylistic patterns and by a distinctive vocabulary. In Tamburlaine’s speeches there are references to precious metals and other pricy things, immeasurable distances and vast depths open before the spectator. The feeling is that the entire universe is whirling around the audience. Marion B. Smith argues that the “highly individual quality in Marlowe’s imagery fuses the heterogeneous

  • Similarities Between The Seafarer And The Wife's Lament

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    is an underlining figure that is evident within each poem. With literary devices, imagery, and the strategic elements of each, the three poems are brought into focus clearly. The Seafarer is abundantly enhanced with literary terminology. The alliteration of the “S” is repeated throughout the poem to give the reader a sensational feeling of the ocean. In line six the phrase “Smashing Surf” gives readers the

  • Bishop´s Use Of Language In Elizabeth Bishop's Poetry

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    “Bishop’s carefully judged use of language aids the reader to uncover the intensity of feeling in her poetry.” Elizabeth Bishop’s superb use of language in her introspective poetry allows the reader to grasp a better understand of feeling in her poetry. Bishop’s concentration of minor details led to her being referred to as a “miniaturist”, however this allows her to paint vivid imagery, immersing the reader in her chosen scenario. Through descriptive detail, use of metaphor, simile, and many other

  • Sober Song Barton Sutter Analysis

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    “Sober Song” by Barton Sutter is arranged as a free verse poem with a rhyme scheme pattern within every other line. This poem describes a man saying his goodbyes to the memories he has had with alcohol. The poem’s beat and rhythm reminds the reader of a broken love song to the liquor that had once taken over his life. In lines in 1 through 4, we have a special pattern displayed not only in these lines, but throughout the entire poem. The rhythm goes back and forth with 9 beats in the first line

  • Alfred Lord Tennyson's Charge Of The Light Brigade

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    “Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred Lord Tennyson allows readers to engage in the poet’s choice of abstract language. While reading this poem, readers are obliged to find the real meaning of the poem by revealing the literary techniques used in the poem. Tennyson’s poem “Charge of the Light Brigade” demonstrates that we have to honour the soldiers who gave up their lives fighting in the Light Brigade. This was communicated through the poet’s use of tone,imagery and allusion.The poem contradicts