An American Family Essays

  • The Family Structure Of The African American Family

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    mobility that defines today’s society, the family still plays a crucial role of contemporary life. Families offer many benefits such as companionship, protection, security, encouragement and other relative social components. The term family has been changed over the past few decades. The total number of households in the United States increased from 63 million in 1970 to 113 million in 2008 (Weeks, 2012). The traditional structure of the family (nuclear family) began branching to other structures especially

  • American Family Transformation

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    The Transformation of the American Family The “American family” has gone through some dramatic changes over the last fifty years or so, and all we have to do is turn on our televisions to see the transformation. During the cold war era, the American family, or the nuclear family as it was known, was portrayed in television and movies as a white husband, his white wife, and their 2.5 white kids. Merriam-Webster dictionary still defines the nuclear family as “a family group that consists only of father

  • Family Background: Indo American Family

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    Family Background The family, which I have interviewed, was an Indo American family. The family includes the father, age 58, a mother, 52, and four children, whose ages are 17, 19, 21 and 23 respectively. The father and mother is the biological parent of all four children. Father works as a financial analyst at a company and the mother is a house wife. This family is from southern part of India. They migrated to the United States in the year 2004. After their marriage, they were looking for a baby

  • American Family Changes

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    Changes in Marriage and the American Family Family life has changed drastically since the 1950’s and 60’s. The typical family in the 60’s consisted of a married couple with children. Much like the cleaver family, the father went off to work to support his family and women stayed home and took care of the children and the household. Society was less accepting of children born to unmarried women or the “single parent”. Pew Research Center (2015) stated that two-parent households are on the decline

  • Family Development Theory: The Perfect American Family

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    Why is the perfect American family described or advertised as having a father, mother, son and daughter? Is the previous question actually a reality in America? Is this the only way of having a perfect family? These questions are simply answered by understanding the many types of families or family theories. In addition, according to the Family Life Now textbook, family origin is the main thing that influences an individual’s development and the ability to relate to others (Welch, 2010). The theories

  • American Italian Family Analysis

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    I grew up in a typical American Italian household, at least typical to what most think and no I DO NOT mean like the people from Jersey Shore or The Soprano’s. I grew up in a big family, we are loud, we love our food and yes we talk with our hands... A LOT. Many ways that Hollywood portrays the “typical American Italian household” is completely wrong. But I hope you all knew that; but if you didn’t you do now. I grew up in a big family. Our grandparents were King and Queen, they set everything.

  • Korean-American Family Essay

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    relationship of Korean American families is greatly influenced by elements of Korean culture. According to the literature on the subject, the Confucian values present in traditional Korean culture emphasize family unity and collectivism (Park 2009). Others explain that within Confucianism, the family is viewed as the extension of the self, creating a “strong in-group identity” within the Korean families (Kim & Wolpin 2008:109). These values are carried over into the Korean American families, as well as the

  • The Gonzalez Family In 'The American Dream'

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    Journey of Dreams The Gonzalez family go through struggle, endeavor to fight against, and go beyond prejudice, discrimination, in an effort to become socially upward and partake in “The American Dream”. Will they be able to? Even with a multicultural, multiracial, and pluralistic imprint? The Gonzalez family are a Latino family that live in Los Angeles. The oldest son[Conrado] in the family is a doctor that serves in the military. Medical care for wounded combatters. The second oldest son

  • African American Family Traditions

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    to your family The culture I identify is African American. The African American culture have several traditions that my family and I practice. The traditions of the African American culture that are practices among my family are maintaining family relationships, practicing Christianity, maintain hospitality, gaining education, and cooking. In the African American culture, families maintain a strong bond though many function like family reunions. My family are take pride in create family gathers especially

  • Japanese-American Family

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    someone. However, in late 1941 the Japanese-Americans are relocated from their homes to internment camps because of the attack on Pearl Harbor. In the book the reader gets an in-depth view of a family being relocated from their home in Barkley, California to the Topaz War Relocation Center in Central Utah. The reader easily sees the injustices the family suffers through the drastic changes in setting. In this piece of literature we see this Japanese-American family suffer many injustices because of their

  • My African American Family

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    #3-Examining how death and the losses were addressed within my African American family is openly discussed and always some one’s fault. The experience of my grandmothers death relates to the statistics of the life expectations of African America. According to (Walsh 2004 p. 56) African American woman life expectancy for older adults is 70.2 years and African American men life span is 66.1 according to the national Vital Statistics Report (Volume, 47 NO.28). My grandmother died young I believe she

  • The Mexican American Family: Play Analysis

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    This play is about stereotypes of the Mexican American family; the father who drinks a lot an alcoholic, the mother who is in long suffering, the rebellious pachuco son who doesn’t care about anything and always going jail back and forth, the daughter who is pregnant, and the righteous son who was in Marines, and tries to adapt into the mainstream culture. There is this another oldest brother, named Belarmino. He 's a man without body has only head, a dark mop of curly hair, expressive eyes and eyebrows

  • Personal Narrative-Thanksgiving With An American Family

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    Thanksgiving with an American Family One of my college friends who is an American invited me to the Thanksgiving dinner with her family. I had never been to a Thanksgiving dinner before and so I was pretty excited for this party. The first thing I noticed as soon as I reached her home was the sweet smell of the dinner being cooked. My friend opened the door for me and introduced me to her family. Her entire family has come for celebrating the Thanksgiving dinner. I met her Dad, her Mom, and her two

  • Native American Family Structure Analysis

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    The family in my example is a Native American family whose household consists of grandmother, grandfather, daughter and her five children ages 17, 15,12,8, and 5. Both the grandmother and mother work at the local casino. The mother is a supervisor there and often has to work long hours to cover shifts or for special events. The oldest child is female and is in special education with a diagnosis of FASD and has become an active addict using alcohol and prescription drugs. The fifteen year old is

  • Role Of Family In Native American Culture

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    Native Americans have many values, and to choose just one that is the most important is hard to do. The one that stands out as the most important is family, this played a huge role in the culture of the Native Americans. Discrimination has affected many kinds for many years, we have to learn from the history and the stories of Native Americans. We build common ground to connect with people through life, learning from Native American’s values. Kinship is important, who could see that in the stories

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of American Families Today

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    American Families Today The American family has undergone many changes since the 1900’s. More so, in the past 40 years, the nuclear family seen dramatic changes and has been described as deteriorating. There has been a dramatic rise in divorce, single parent households and child poverty. Studies have shown that children growing up in poverty-stricken single parent households are more likely to be affected well into adulthood. While this is the case, people are also living longer, and families

  • Why Are Families Important In American Culture

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    Work, study and family life are all immensely important in American culture, and they all tend to blend with each other. We study to have a better position at work, and we work to provide for our family. In the United States, we are expected to find a balance between all three, which at times can be really tough. Although they are all influential, out of the three, family is the most important. I personally agree that family is the most important, they are what we do all of this hard work for. They

  • Personal Narrative: Moving To The American Family

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    Our family’s ability to adjust was going to be put to test. We faced the biggest challenge in our lives when we moved to the USA. It was very hard to leave our childhood life in Mexico, those years were priceless. We still carried in our minds those special memories of child naughtiness. We did not have toys to play with; instead we had animals to feed and to take care, those chickens, ducks, caws, sheep were very demanding. Our afternoons were spent doing house shores and school homework. Believe

  • African American Family Values

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    not one uniform African American community, rather a collection of diverse communities within the population and culture, thus there is not a single set of value systems, however there are main reoccurring themes that represent the group’s values, being a high importance of family – including immediate, extended and close friends, tradition and respect for elders, racial and ethic identity, religion and spirituality and the Importance of education. These African American value systems “have been

  • How Does The Family Change In American Culture

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    for me. How the American family is depicted on TV and in art has changed so much in the past 70 years. I think the shows listed in the PowerPoint were especially interesting because of their large differences between each other. The first two pictures from the 1940’s and 1950’s look very alike when first looking at them, but really they are completely different. The picture from the 40’s shows a large family and the one from the 50’s shows a small two parents and two children family. The PowerPoint