My African American Family

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#3-Examining how death and the losses were addressed within my African American family is openly discussed and always some one’s fault. The experience of my grandmothers death relates to the statistics of the life expectations of African America. According to (Walsh 2004 p. 56) African American woman life expectancy for older adults is 70.2 years and African American men life span is 66.1 according to the national Vital Statistics Report (Volume, 47 NO.28). My grandmother died young I believe she was 59 years old. She had her very first heart attack when she was in 50 years old and she stopped drinking and gave herself to the lord. She was on so many different medications as a child I was not aware of the different medications she was taken. …show more content…

Her passing was a major loss because she was the only person that really loved me she taught me how to cook, we went fishing and we always attended church due to her spiritual beliefs in the lord. Foremost, she taught me how to pray and read the bible. Lastly, we took care of family member’s children and I took care of her in reality and the family member’s children at a young age. She needed me there because she was overweight and had a considerable health issues besides her heart. According to the PowerPoint and readings of (Bowlby) Attachment theory “comes from safety & security, development in early life, usually towards a specific individual, endures throughout a large a large part of the life cycle”. However it’s also stated in Bowlby theory young animals and children venture out away from the safety of their parents or persons whom they were attached to come back. Conversely in the case of my grandmother she will never come …show more content…

Example; awareness of HIV/AIDS or just losing the mobility or functional abilities can mentally affect an individual from ever working again.
I continuously value assisting individuals with new life transition; getting older and retiring, life stages were someone may have to take care of individual, lost of jobs, relationships situations, divorce, hopes and dreams and homelessness.
However Homelessness has been the most devastating situation and challenges for me. Working as a case manager with the Path/Outreach program it’s so challenging to get homeless individuals to get off the street. If successful getting them off the street the paper work need to assist them is even more challenging. It’s up to the client to go to their appointments and bring back the documents to help house them. Many of the population we serve are severely mentally ill dealing with family loss, loss of homes and sexual

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