Angelina Jolie Essays

  • Angelina Jolie Biography

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    There is no doubt that Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous women in the world. Her acting may have put her in the spotlight, but it 's her beauty and resistance to cultural norms that have made her a supercelebrity. There have been rumors that she has had new tattoos. The public 's seemingly endless curiosity about her personal life has made her a tabloid fixture. Yet her truly impressive humanitarian work goes virtually unnoticed-usually eliciting nothing more than a fleeting mention. So in

  • Angelina Jolie Research Paper

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    Angelina Jolie Research   * and she is known for her humanitarian acts and activism  * Angelina Jolie adopted her first child from Cambodia named Maddox  * Angelina Jolie became the Ambassador of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees   * Angelina Jolie has visited more than 20 countries with world issues to aid refugees running away from war or struggling to make a living with poverty   * Angelina Jolie has been trying to bring awareness about day to day real world issues such as girls and

  • Similarities Between Macbeth And Beowulf

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    The two stories of Macbeth and Beowulf have different plot, but hold similar elements. The legend of Beowulf, set in 500 A.D., begins with an evil monster terrorizing the mead hall of Heorot. The monster, Grendel, attacks Heorot with desire for wickedness. For copious amount of years, Grendel slaughters the men by night, each night. Until a hero named Beowulf hears the Geats cries and comes to their rescue. Beowulf arrives and devises a plan to kill the beast at night when he comes to attack the

  • Angelina Jolie Argument Paper

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    This paper will be a discussion on the famed Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie’s celebrity persona – her status as an academy award nominee and winner as well as a UNHCR ambassador and the face of global motherhood. This article will focus primarily on Jolie’s presentation of her agency and embodiment and the significant transformation that her celebrity underwent from the 1990s to 2014. From her provocative “disturbed bad girl” image to her action star status, philanthropist efforts, global motherhood

  • Role Of Angelina Jolie In Refugees

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    The role of Angelina Jolie in the Development of Community Service in relation to Refugees and child Immigration. Student’s Name Institution Due to continued conflicts around the world, the number of refugees seeking humanitarian aid continues to grow. From the battlefield of Syria to the jungles of Congo, the number of people running away from conflict zone continues to be a problem for international Aid organizations, countries hosting refugees and donors. Among the most affected are children

  • Arguments Against Celebrity Activism

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    Stars such as George Clooney, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt on Board. Angelina Jolie is a big topic on celebrity activism, thanks to her hands-on work with the United Nations high commissioner for refugees as a goodwill ambassador. Jolie who pays her own way on U.N missions and says she donates one- third of her income to charity emerged unscathed from her tabloid- ready romance with Pitt. as for Winfrey

  • Analysis Of Alexander Falconbridge's An Account Of The Middle Passage

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    Alexander Falconbridge served as a surgeon on the ships that transported slaves through the middle passage. He managed to only make four voyages between 1780 and 1787 due to the harsh circumstances he was witnessing, which ultimately led him to write An Account of the Middle Passage. The Middle Passage was the hardest and most dangerous part of the voyage for any slave transported out of Africa. The article carefully describes the strenuous conditions the slaves were in while being in the ships.

  • Loyalty In Beowulf: The Epic Beliefs Of The Anglo-Saxon Culture

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    Throughout the text of Beowulf, the Anglo-Saxons translated their beliefs when they passed this epic tale generation to generation. Loyalty existed as one of the strongest beliefs of the Anglo-Saxons. They believed that loyalty to the authority would lead normal people to greatness and rewards. Another belief expressed in Beowulf was the establishment of the epic hero. These heroes could do more than regular men could, as they defined themselves as strong, loyal, and well known people. While honoring

  • Stuntwoman Persuasive Speech

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    I have the Artemis Film Festival to thank yet again for another amazing connection with this beautiful, talented stuntwoman and actress--Tammie Baird. She and I had a delightful conversation a few weeks back, and we discussed a wide variety of topics, including how she got started, her aspirations in the business, and the passion she feels for specific charity work. (I can hardly wait to actually meet her in a few days!) RH: Nice to get to talk with you, Tammie. TB: Glad it worked out to talk

  • Medical Negligence

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    INTRODUCTION The diagnosis and treatment of diseases pertaining to human beings is a very risky profession as it is accompanied by a high degree of morbidity and mortality. Since the profession is risky therefore the professionals should be more cautious while practicing medicine. Even the mere mistakes and recklessness can cause severe injuries that to an extent which possibly can take anyone’s lives. It means if a good treatment can save the life of a person the negligent one can take the very

  • Angelina Jolie My Hero Essay

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    My heroine is Angelina Jolie since I was 6 years old. For me a hero is someone that helps people, take care of them, it is kind, intelligent, brave, and humble. I chose her to be my hero, because she has all the qualities to be a heroine. She helps and saves people all over the world. This is a big deal to me and it is what I want to do when I grow up. One example of her kindness, was when she helped Vietnam, and she did it so well that she earned the right to a Vietnamese passport. She also works

  • The Handmaid's Tale Literary Analysis

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    Asia Ihsan Section 5 Professor: Alex Poppe 11/6/2015 Gilead Republic is Successful in Reeducating Women Margaret Atwood, in her novel The Handmaid's Tale describes a futuristic, dystopian society called Gilead republic in which the system imposes Christianity religion as the main source for their laws. At the root of the laws is Patriarchy by which roles of the women only condensed to the roles that are assigned to them in Old Testament. All of the events that happening in the Republic of Gilead

  • Wealth And Happiness In Voltaire's Candide

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    The novel Candide, written by Voltaire, portrays the adventures and experiences of the main character named Candide. Being a very honest man, a character like Candide can be easily swayed and convinced to do and believe anything. From carelessness to greed, the reader can clearly understand that Voltaire ridicules many decisions and situations that occur in the novel. One of many themes Voltaire mocks in the novel would be how greed can result from wealth. What Voltaire is ultimately conveying to

  • Social Commentary In The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde

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    Relatively all authors are very fond of creating an underlying message to criticize society. Authors do this through social commentary. The book “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is no exception. The author, Oscar Wilde, criticizes the upper class through the consistent underlying idea that people are often deceived by one's beauty and are unable to understand the poison that fills the world is corrupting it. From the beginning of this book, the social commentary towards the upper class begins with

  • Self Control In The Odyssey

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    “The Hero doesn’t Get the Reward; the Hero Pays the Price” (anon). One of the heroes who paid the dear price was Odysseus, a hero who fought in The Trojan War. Odysseus was the man who came up with the plan to build the wooden horse, ending the rigorous fight with it. Odysseus was going back home after earning the victory for his country, which he was king of one of the kingdoms -Ithaca-. But Odysseus faced trials that constrained him ten years late to arrive home. His story about how he faced these

  • The Influence Of Teen Activism

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    Have you ever felt like there was a problem in the world that you wanted to solve but you didn’t think anyone would listen? Teen activists are people who see the need for change and act upon it. Teen activism starts with a passion for a cause and continues with determination despite being faced with obstacles. Anyone can make a difference in the world, and teen activism proves it; they always support and help causes that they think are important. Teen activists can believe in the same cause, but

  • Allegory In John Steinbeck's The Pearl

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    Kino, the protagonist of The Pearl, is an impoverished, simple, hardworking, and content family man but changes into a greedy and selfish man. He lives with his wife, Juana, and his first-born baby, Coyotito, in an unadorned and simple brush house in a small village of fishermen. “It was a morning like other mornings and yet perfect among mornings” (3). In the beginning, he is a simple and content man; he does not have riches nor does he need it, for he is already fulfilled with his family’s love

  • The Open Boat Literary Analysis

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    On January 2, 1987, Stephen Crane’s boat Commodore sank twelve miles off the coast of Daytona Beach, Florida. After much chaos and confusion in abandoning ship, much of the people aboard perished in scattered life boats that capsized, but Crane was lucky enough to be on the solely surviving dinghy. Thirty long hours of paddling through stormy seas later, the boat barely arrived ashore. After this traumatic experience, Crane decided to transform this incident into a short story—one that explores both

  • Sexism In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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    Throughout history, men have always dominated. They never let a woman rise to power or have the same rights. This sexism has been ingrained in society for thousands of years, so much so that it has defined some of the most famous works of literature, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This play was written during the Elizabethan Era, an era in which a woman had all the power imaginable (Queen Elizabeth), and yet, women were still severely discriminated against. Women had no say whatsoever in their

  • Pros And Cons Of Professional Athletes Overpaid

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    Are actors and professional athletes overpaid? The film industry and professional sports are regarded to be the most profitable business sector in the present scenario. The professional artists and film actors earn millions of dollars due to their talent.many people might have had a dream to be popular and earn more like they do. Despite the fact that their profession is not an easy job that could be done by common people, they are more prone to criticism resulting from their overpaid work. However