Britney Spears Essays

  • Britney Spears Persuasive Speech

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    American singer and actress Britney Spears' "Piece of Me" concert at The Axis at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, the pop goddess showed everyone that she's a professional singer with a high degree of skills. On October 19, when The 'Baby One More Time' hitmaker performed "3" from her album - Live: The Femme Fatale Tour, a Godney-inspired hip thrust caused her rear zipper to break, resulting to a wardrobe malfunction at her concert . As soon as the back of Britney Spears' costume popped open, the singer

  • Britney Spears Research Paper

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    In 1999, an important switch point in the music industry came the success of a series of teen-pop stars such as my main focus of this section – Britney Spears, easily the most successful one of the teen pop boom in the late 90s and early 00s, Spears’ debut single …Baby One More Time was credited as key turning point of the revival of teen pop, bubblegum pop music, the single itself was highly successful, debuting on #1 in many countries including the USA, its success caused a lot other teen pop artist

  • Lord Of The Flies And Fahrenheit 451 Analysis

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    After World War II, people around the world were skeptical of everything: the government, their leaders, and society as a whole. Many were in a constant state of fear of nuclear annihilation. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, published in 1954, is believed to be a “political and historical allegory, even as a cautionary tale for the leaders of the world” (Henningfeld). The island is what the world would be like after nuclear annihilation, and the demise of the boys is what Golding is warning society

  • Core Life Values Essay

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    Core life values that I consider to be important, and why they are important to me: 1. Spiritual development: Religion is a huge part of my life, and it determines everything that I do, but I feel that my spiritual development within my religion is even more important because it shows that I am living out the beliefs of the doctrine. 2. Availability to spouse/significant other: I do not currently have a spouse or significant other, but if/when I do they will be one of the most important people

  • Compare And Contrast Beyonce And Rihanna

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    Beyoncé and Rihanna are two of the most successful R&B singers right now. They are very strong, black, powerful women. They influence, inspire and empower many people. Many young women look up to them and strive to look and be like the two successful stars. Many men drool over them and dream of having a woman that is as beautiful as the two. They both currently had tours, Rihanna 's Anti tour and Beyoncé’s formation tour, with thousands of fans chanting their songs. In this essay I will compare the

  • 80's Fashion

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    1980’s Fashion - A Unique Look into the Past When you think of the 80’s, what are some things that come into your head? Perhaps you think of Ronald Reagan, neon colors, or Michael Jackson (“80’s Fashion”). The people of the 80’s liked to wear very flashy clothes in order to be different from their parents who grew up in the drab 70’s (“80’s Fashion”). Without this need to be different, maybe the 80’s wouldn’t have been so drawing to the eye. The factors that made the 1980’s a truly unique decade

  • Lady Gaga Research Papers

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    You do not have to be pop-cultured or familiarized with todays mainstream media to know the song “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. The song was an instant hit amongst millions when it debuted in 2011 and presently the song is considered to be an anthem to countless LGBTQ community members worldwide. If you are not familiar with Lady Gaga’s music, you may recognize her for her remarkable fashion sense. The international pop star is well known for her unparalleled fashion, who could forget the time she

  • Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Research Paper

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    Gwen Stefani plastic surgery Gwen Stefani is an ever-green celebrity with ever-changing appearances. She is a popular and widely appreciated singer and songwriter. Besides singing, she also earned great fame for being successful actress and fashion designer. Her career was started in the eighties. In her band named “No Doubt”, she was the lead vocalist. Her solo album named “Love Angel Music Baby” was launched in 2004. The album was greatly successful and more than 7 million copies of this album

  • Demi Lovato

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    Demi Lovato is a 25-year-old singer and actress. She rose to fame at a very young age and has released multiple hit songs such as “Tell me you love me,” and acted in T.V. shows such as “Barney,” and also done major movies namely “Camp Rock”. When Demi was growing up she struggled with her parents being divorced and her father not being around. She felt like an outsider in her peer group. She was bullied in school and was called names and told to go kill herself. She started binging to feel better

  • Coco Chanel Essay

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    Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, most commonly known as Coco Chanel was a French designer, whose patterns and designs revolutionized women’s clothing. She was the only designer listed in Time’s 100 Most Influential People of the Twentieth Century. Chanel has left a lasting mark on women’s clothing and fashion. Coco Chanel was born in 1883, there is not a specific date as she did not reveal her birth date. Chanel grew up in uncertainty and poverty. When Coco Chanel was twelve years old her mother passed

  • Gender Stereotypes In Mulan

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    4 Instances of Gender Stereotypes Being Reinforced in Disney’s Mulan With the recent Disney movie Moana hitting theatres around the world, the movie has been met with many dazzling reviews and it wasn’t long before Moana was coined as the ultimate anti-princess. Looking back at Disney’s progress the past few decades, we can see an increase in the appearances such anti-princesses. But let’s be honest, when asked to name Disney’s strong female protagonists, Mulan is a given. The movie released in

  • Piece By Piece Analysis

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    The song I chose for the song explication is “Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson. Kelly’s singing career started when she won American Idol in 2002. Since then Kelly has produced major hits that get stuck in your head and you can’t help but sing along. Though her song “Piece by Piece” is one of my favorite songs she has ever produced. Kelly opens up about her relationship with her father to her fans and the world. With Kelly’s emotional attachment to “Piece by Piece,” it makes a great song with a

  • Definition Essay: What Makes A Good Friend?

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    What defines a good friend? The average person will have developed numerous friendships throughout their lives, but what determines which friendships will be lifelong or temporary? Family can be constituted as individuals you love, trust and care about, I personally consider my friends as family since those are the traits that produce quality character in an individual. There are many ways to define a good friend but the keys traits a friend should have are being trustworthy, loyal and caring.

  • World Without Laws In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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    Imagine a world without laws. Everybody could do whatever they wanted to with any consequences for their actions. Maybe to some it would sound fun. Others it would sound like complete chaos. This kind of world is shown in William Golding The Lord of the Flies. After a group of grade school boys survive a plane crash that leaves them on a deserted island they are forced to survive with no adults. The chief of the young boys struggle with keeping rules that other boys will follow. Without law and order

  • Mariah Carey Research Paper

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    Women are powerful human beings. In the world of music, there has always been influential women. Women have created a milestone for the future generations. Without women stepping out of their comfort zone, being brave and tough, would they have come this far? These three women are my musical inspirations regardless of their past; they show musicality from the 20th century to the 21st century. Mariah Carey is an American singer, songwriter and producer. She began performing with rising pop singer

  • Britney Spears: Life Stage Of Early Childhood

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    BTEC Health and social care: Assignment Britney Spears My assignment is about Britney Spears who was born in McComb, Mississippi on 2nd December 1981. She is 36 years old and is currently in the life stage of early adulthood. I will be writing about 3 different life stages (infancy, early childhood, and adolescence) she has been through. Infancy The first life stage Britney experienced was infancy. This is between the ages of 0-2 years. Physical: In infancy, an infant in the norm (on the

  • Taylor Swift Research Paper

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    Imagine being on a stage. Lights shining down on you, people screaming your name...that’s a regular day for Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is a 28 year old pop singer who dominates the music charts every time she drops a new bop. She has grown up in the music industry and has made her name well-known. Swift is often caught up with paparazzi and other media involving false drama and relationships. A good majority of her songs are based on her past relationships and friendships. The media loves to

  • Denise Richards: Denise Richards: Former Fashion Model

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    Denise richards Denise Richards is an American actress, former fashion model and business woman who has an estimated net worth of $12 million. After her graduation she was signed by a modeling agency and did various photoshoots for magazines such as FHM, Maxim and Men’s Health. She even worked as a makeup artist at Bonne Bell cosmetics. Denise started her acting career by appearing in several low budget films. She is known for the commercial movie Starship Troopers which made over $120 million

  • Mariah Carey's Life

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    Although Mariah Carey is a lot alike other pop artist today, her album (Mariah Carey) incorporated a range of contemporary genres with a mix of slow ballads and dance tracks. Her first ever performance was at the Grammy’s, 1991. Mariah’s song, “Vision of Love” was very popular. The Rolling Stones even said, that the song “Vision of Love” had many fluttering strings and was the reason why American Idol got vocal schools!” Earlier Years in Music When Carey was 18 she went to a party hosted by CBS records

  • Informative Essay: Understanding Popular Music Culture

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    How many times have you heard a song and it speaks to you? It interpreted feelings you did not know how to express, or maybe that song took you back to the time when it was popular. “popular music culture refers to the ways of making, dissemination, and consuming music; the economic and technological practices associated with these processes; and discourse created by these practices.”Pg 2 (Understanding Popular Music Culture) Music unlocks your mentality to new speculations. It Influences your appearance