Compare And Contrast Beyonce And Rihanna

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Beyoncé and Rihanna are two of the most successful R&B singers right now. They are very strong, black, powerful women. They influence, inspire and empower many people. Many young women look up to them and strive to look and be like the two successful stars. Many men drool over them and dream of having a woman that is as beautiful as the two. They both currently had tours, Rihanna 's Anti tour and Beyoncé’s formation tour, with thousands of fans chanting their songs. In this essay I will compare the two, and give you my opinion about them both.

As most people know Beyoncé has been in the music industry longer than Rihanna, but that doesn’t mean much because Rihanna has just as much fame. Born in Barbados, Rihanna always had a thing for music, and at a young age she moved to New York to pursue her dreams. Not long after she was signed to DefJam Recordings, she became a hit pop star with songs that topped the charts and that continues on today. So far she …show more content…

Beyoncé, born in Houston, Texas, was originally known for being in the legendary group Destiny 's Child. Beyoncé ventured into an even more successful solo career as a singer and actress. Beyoncé has had numerous number one hits, and currently has 17 Grammys and a net worth of about 450 million dollars.

It may seem as though Beyoncé has had more success than Rihanna, but you have to consider the fact that Beyoncé has been in the industry longer. I believe Rihanna will have the same success and maybe even more. I believe Rihanna is more of a fashion icon than Beyoncé, she has modeled in the Victoria Secret fashion show, modeled in countless magazines, and currently has a shoe line with Puma that sales out within minutes. Beyonce has also had a fashion line but I do not think it was as big. I believe Rihanna’s style is followed more than Beyoncé’s, making her the fashion icon of the

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