Selena Quintaniella

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“The goal isn’t to live forever, but to create something that will”
Selena Quintanilla started her singing career at about the age 8 to help support her family. Selena’s family didn’t have much money to begin with but her father saw her potential. The family business had failed and caused them to go bankrupt. They lost their home and moved in with relatives in Corpus Christi. Since losing the family business there was no income and Selena and her siblings singing was their only income, Selena lost many days of school because of the band and she dropped out after finishing 8th grade. She eventually earned her GED in 1989.

Selena was recognized by freddie label and her career went uphill from there. She has won over 60 awards from 1983-1995 and she gave much of her money to charities. She was a spokesperson for battered women and also made a shelter for battered women, she also supported the D.A.R.E association, and raised awareness for HIV/AIDS to finance research. …show more content…

But they don’t know about her past and how her fans look up to her. Since Selena has become a star she has brought more attention to the latino music industry and helped many other artists become recognized. Selena was very close with her fans and she was very thankful for them and she never took her fame for advantage. She stayed family oriented and made sure to put her family

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